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Boogaard Prof.Dr. Peter J.

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Region: Netherlands

City: Oegstgeest

Age: 58

Gender: male


Achieve in projects:

Everest from Tibet, 21/05/2016
Elbrus, 13/08/2007
Kilimanjaro, 23/07/2013
Aconcagua, 21/01/2010
Vinson, 27/01/2011
Carstensz Pyramid, 10/07/2014
McKinley, 03/06/2009
"7 Volcanoes", 2 objects
Elbrus, 13/08/2007
Kilimanjaro, 23/07/2013


Additional information

I'm a licensed Alpine Instructor with the Royal Dutch Mountaineering Society (NKBV) and the 10th Dutch Seven Summitteer.
My blog is at


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