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GILUWE - A Sought after Mountain

26/12/2016 12:48, Dor Geta Popescu

Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea, December 6, 2016: Romanian climber, Dor Geta Popescu summits Giluwe 14,327 ft., the highest volcano in Australia and Oceania on Monday, December 5, 2016, 9:20 AM, local time. This being the 6th of the highest volcanos on each continent from the 7 Volcanos Circuit, that ...

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12 Year-Old Romanian Mountaineer Dor Geta Popescu on the Giant of North America

26/05/2016 02:14, Dor Geta Popescu

TALKEETNA, ALASKA, MAY 24th, 2016 – On Wednesday 18th , 12 Year-Old Romanian mountaineer Dor Geta Popescu succeeded in reaching Denali summit, the giant of North America. The achievement of Dor Geta Popescu, the sportswoman of the Romanian Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing, matches the world ...

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12 Year-Old Romanian Mountaineer Sets New World Record for Pico de Orizaba, the Highest Volcano in North America

10/05/2016 21:29, Dor Geta Popescu

ORIZABA, MEXIC, MAY 6, 2016 - On Tuesday May 5th, at 11.40 a.m. local hour, Romanian mountaineer Dor Geta Popescu reached the highest volcano peak in North America, the Pico de Orizaba. For Geta this is the fifth success of the Volcanic Seven Summits, the highest volcanoes on each of the seven ...

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11/12/2015 22:11, Jean-Luc BREMOND

Base camp of Manaslu

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11/12/2015 22:05, Jean-Luc BREMOND

at the summit 8163m Jean Luc BREMOND

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11/12/2015 21:51, Jean-Luc BREMOND

I climbed the Manaslu Month 1th october 2015 without oxygen, with a wonderful weather, blue sky, no wind : so great !!!

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7 Summits Club "Alpamayo (5947 m) The Most Beautiful Mountain in the world " 29.05.2015

06/06/2015 22:35, Albino Lliuya Eric

"Alpamayo (5947 m) The Most Beautiful Mountain in the world " Expedition to "Alpamayo (5947 m) The Most Beautiful Mountain in the world " located in Peru. The Russian climbers visit the Cordillera Blanca (7 Summits Club Managers). Ludmila Korobeshko & Alexander Abramov climbers of the highest peaks ...

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Kilimanjaro 2010

13/04/2015 18:41, O'Mara Sean

Great day on the summit with John and the boys.

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Elbrus 2014

13/04/2015 18:39, O'Mara Sean

Mikael and I on the Summit of Elbrus. Our third attempt from the south paid off. We tried twice from the north but the weather got the better of us.

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Climbing Mt. Giluwe

03/03/2015 09:08, Kinjap Peter

To climb Mt. Giluwe in Papua New Guinea, the high Volcanic summit in the Oceania Pacific region, contact us and we will talk about the trip and budget. Email us at: And visit our site at: Hear from you soon. Regards.....Peter!

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11/02/2015 19:42, Jean-Luc BREMOND

arriving in Antarctica december 2014 : so good !!

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Ojos del Salado Chile

28/01/2015 20:56, Jean-Luc BREMOND

Jean Luc Brems the french

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Ojos del Salado Chile

28/01/2015 20:52, Jean-Luc BREMOND

so beautiful colors and landscape, it was great, a very good acclimatation. Jean Luc BREMOND

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Jean Luc BREMOND Ojos del Salado

28/01/2015 20:48, Jean-Luc BREMOND

I am very happy to reach the Ojos del Salado summit january the 21th 2015. I was alone to climb it. Jean Luc BREMOND the french

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Mont Vinson Antarctica

20/01/2015 15:09, Jean-Luc BREMOND

I reached the summit of the Vinson mount in Antarctica on December 15th, 2014. I am so happy to finish the seven summit by this so beautiful mountain in such a wonderful continent. Jean Luc BREMOND

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TV report

09/12/2014 10:04, Florent Guillarme

New TV report with France 3 Alpes, 08/12/2014

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Vinson and Everest to finish...

09/12/2014 09:28, Florent Guillarme

Mount Vinson and mount Everest to finish for Seven Summits Challenge... I hope to achieve Vinson in December, 2015 then Everest spring, 2016... I'm looking for partners and sponsors

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7 Volcanoes completed :-)

07/12/2014 22:27, Nicholson Paul Gregory

Summitted Ojos del Salado on Dec. 5th, 2014. I believe that I am the first Canadian, the first North American, and the 8th person in the world, to complete the 7 Volcanic Summits ;-). Thank you "7 Summits Club"! Paul Nicholson

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Mt. Xplore - An Norwegian-Polish Expedition Team and a Seven Summits Team

05/12/2014 00:21, Mjosund Geir

I will first start with introducing myself and my team. I am a Norwegian guy 39 years old, I have a passion for climbing high altitude mountains in extreme conditions. I have experience from the Norwegian Special Forces and I have traveled to all different corners of the world. I have now started a ...

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01/12/2014 15:42, Bousnaid ( Ned) Bouadjar

Le jeudi 20 novembre 2014 ,Ned Bouadjar à atteint le point culminant de l'Océanie (Carstensz 4884 m)

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