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Mt. Xplore - An Norwegian-Polish Expedition Team and a Seven Summits Team


05/12/2014 00:21

I will first start with introducing myself and my team. I am a Norwegian guy 39 years old, I have a passion for climbing high altitude mountains in extreme conditions. I have experience from the Norwegian Special Forces and I have traveled to all different corners of the world.

I have now started a new project called Mt.Xplore (Mount Explore)
where I have also invited some other people to join me on future expeditions, our main goal is to reach the Seven Summits (the highest mountains of each of the seven continents), but also having expeditions and training in other mountains like Mont Blanc or mountains close to the region we are going. The plan is to start of with training in south of Poland in the start of 2015, then we are going to Norway to train a bit and test equipment there in May 2015, before we go to Europe's highest mountain Elbrus in July and Mont Blanc in September.
Then in 2016 we will go to South America and North America. The plan is to finish of with
Mount Everest in 2020.


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