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GILUWE - A Sought after Mountain


26/12/2016 12:48

Mt. Hagen, Papua New Guinea, December 6, 2016:

Romanian climber, Dor Geta Popescu summits Giluwe 14,327 ft., the highest volcano in Australia and Oceania on Monday, December 5, 2016, 9:20 AM, local time. This being the 6th of the highest volcanos on each continent from the 7 Volcanos Circuit, that Geta summited thus far.

Dor Geta Popescu is a member of the Romanian Climbing Federation and The Altitude Expeditions Team. She becomes the worlds youngest female climber, age13, that successfully summits Papua New Guineas volcano.

A unique mountain, unlike any Ive climbed before! You have to carve your way through the jungle using a machete. Forge your way through the vegetation and then approach through alpine terrain with soggy, wet soil. We have circumvented many lakes to finally reach minor craters and some lava peaks dominated by the faraway silhouettes of the two peaks. What comes next, are the last 400 meters, the most beautiful, steep, rocky and challenging final push guided by a restrained happiness of impending success. The peak is breathtaking: 360 degrees of mountains and valleys, peaks over 14,000 ft. projecting through the never-ending jungle. Yes, now I understand, I know why Giluwe is sought after mountain- said Geta.

Dor Geta Popescu is a professional member of The Romanian High Altitude Mountaineeing Club. She completes 2016- breaking the age world record for high altitude by climbing Aconcagua - the highest mountain outside of Asia, Pico de Orizaba - the highest volcano of South America and Denali / McKinley The Great One of North America.

Dor Geta Popescu holds The World Record for high altitude climbing for girls under 18. She has established 8- Age WR. She completed 6 of out of the 7 Volcanos Circuit, and she climbed 4 out of the 7 Summits Circuits. She received the Romanian Climber of the Year, Award for 2015, and in the last 3 years she has had successfully participated in 9 high altitude expeditions.

Getas expeditions for record setting are Made in Romania, outfitted by Altitude Expeditions Team and made possible by the following sponsors : Mures SRL, Dynamic 92, Bravo Europa, - professional sportswear, Redis Seven Mountains Circuits from the Carpathian Garden.

December 6, 2016


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