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jean-Luc BREMOND

30/06/2012 17:52, Jean-Luc BREMOND

Everest may 2011 at 8600m

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jean-Luc BREMOND

30/06/2012 17:48, Jean-Luc BREMOND

McKinley may 2012

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jean-luc BREMOND

30/06/2012 17:39, Jean-Luc BREMOND

Ice climbing in France Champsaur Hautes-Alpes : I love!!!

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jean-Luc BREMOND

30/06/2012 17:25, Jean-Luc BREMOND

McKinley 2012 the summit with flag of partnairs

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BREMS McKinley summit

30/06/2012 14:09, Jean-Luc BREMOND

Jean-Luc BREMOND Mckinley summit 26 may 2012 16PM

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BREMS Aconcagua summit

30/06/2012 14:06, Jean-Luc BREMOND

Jean-Luc BREMOND Aconcagua summit

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BREMS Everest summit

30/06/2012 14:00, Jean-Luc BREMOND

Everest summit with my team, I am in de middle of the picture

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Alan Mair testing gear in the Cairngorms

08/04/2012 23:47, Mair Alan

Heading off to the Cairngorms in Scotland for some trsting of new gear. Heading to Elbrus this year, Muztag Ata next July and Everest in 2014. I will post a pic of the Cairngorms later in the week.

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Mission Antarctica 2048

17/03/2012 01:12, van Rooijen Wilco

New expedition 2012/2013 Mission Antarctica 2048. we will drive to the SouthPole on solar energy with our Solar Truck, built by students and to inspire the youth to choose for sustainable energy. See or

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top of Aconcagua

30/12/2011 12:26, Lorenzani Roberto

the 16 Dicember 2011 at 14,40 I arrive on the top of Aconcagua

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Musa Ibrahim (extreme R) on the summit of Mt Chulu East (6454m) of Nepal

19/11/2011 07:09, Musa Ibrahim

As the preparation for Mt Aconcagua, I climbed the Mt Chulu East on November 10, 2011. I am planning to go for the Mt Aconcagua expedition by this December. Bests.

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Musa Ibrahim (R) of Bangladesh along with Niaz Morshed Patwary on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro

19/11/2011 07:03, Musa Ibrahim

Mountaineering is my passion. I started it on 2004. After establishing North Alpine Club Bangladesh on October 29, 2007; we set a target to conquer the Mt Everest from Bangladesh as first time within 2010. We achieved the target on May 23, 2010 and Bangladesh has become 67th Everest Conquering ...

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Cleo Weidlich's next Climbing Project

10/11/2011 22:03, Weidlich Cleo

My Next Climbing Project: November 20, 2011 - South Face of Mount Aconcagua Mount Aconcagua (6,962 meters) Latitude: 32º 39` South Longitude: 69º 59' West Route to be Climbed: Argentine Route Aconcagua is located in the High Andean region, on the border of Chile and Argentine. With its ...

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Aconcagua's South Face: Via Argentina

10/11/2011 04:22, Weidlich Cleo

Mount Aconcagua (6,962 meters) Latitude: 32º 39` South Longitude: 69º 59' West Route to be Climbed: Argentine Route Aconcagua is located in the High Andean region, on the border of Chile and Argentine. With its height of 6,962 meters, Mount Aconcagua is the highest peak in the Southern ...

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Lenin Peak, summit 22/ July/2011

03/10/2011 12:07, Garcia Romo Jose Francisco

After was sikness with Cancer and loosed a kidney.

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Indonesia 7Summits Mahitala-Unpar go to Mt.Denali

17/06/2011 06:12, Sofyan Arief Fesa

Dear all.. we're back to the mountain. Now we climb our last peak from Seven summits, 24rd of June start climbing from Kalhitna. This is first team of Seven Summits from Indonesia. we climb via West Buttress route about 16days. wiss we luck.

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Indonesia 7Summits Mahitala-Unpar success on Mt.Everest

03/06/2011 06:44, Sofyan Arief Fesa

we';re from 'Indonesia Seven Summits Expedition Mahitala Unpar' from Bandung city, has been success climbing Mt.Everest via south-east ridge. this first time Student climber from Indonesia, and second attempt from Nepal side. This is our 6th summits too from our collect summits. this June we flight ...

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05/04/2011 17:08, Findik Tunc

KANCHENJUNGA (8586 m), 3. HİGHEST SUMMİT ON EARTH.. SPRİNG 2011 So, time is up and by 4th of april, 2011, i will be travelling to Nepal, Katmandu for Kanchenjunga climb. The renowned Mt. Kanchenjunga, 8586 metres high, is in the Himalaya range of Nepal-India border. The expedition ...

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Turkish climber Tunç Fındık goes to Kang, his 7th 8000 m summit, spring 2011

05/04/2011 17:06, Findik Tunc

Turkish Climber Tunç Findik will be climbing Kangchenjunga in spring 2011, togetrher with his Swiss partner Guntis Brandts. The expedition to the north face 1955 route will start by early april and last approx. 2 months until end of may. İf he summits, this will be the 7th 8000 m. summit ...

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Indonesia 7Summits Mahitala-Unpar go to Mt.Everest

01/04/2011 21:07, Sofyan Arief Fesa

Dear all. We're from indonesia Seven Summits Mahitala-Unpar climb a Mt.Everest this season, this is our 6th summits. We're try a first of seven summiter of Indonesia climber. This a 3rd Mt.everest Expedition from Indonesia, before Indonesia team on 1996 and 1997, 14 year we did't expedition to ...

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