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Turkish climber Tunç Fındık goes to Kang, his 7th 8000 m summit, spring 2011

05/04/2011 17:06, Findik Tunc

Turkish Climber Tunç Findik will be climbing Kangchenjunga in spring 2011, togetrher with his Swiss partner Guntis Brandts. The expedition to the north face 1955 route will start by early april and last approx. 2 months until end of may. İf he summits, this will be the 7th 8000 m. summit ...

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Indonesia 7Summits Mahitala-Unpar go to Mt.Everest

01/04/2011 21:07, Sofyan Arief Fesa

Dear all. We're from indonesia Seven Summits Mahitala-Unpar climb a Mt.Everest this season, this is our 6th summits. We're try a first of seven summiter of Indonesia climber. This a 3rd Mt.everest Expedition from Indonesia, before Indonesia team on 1996 and 1997, 14 year we did't expedition to ...

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

28/12/2010 06:08, Doronin Vladimir

Dear Friends, The year is nearing the end and I want to thank everyone for your unchanged loyalty to our company and wish you and your families happy holidays! We and our partners are glad to greet you all over the world, always ready to help, make your wishes come true and provide excellent ...

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finish Mt. Vinson of Indonesia Seven Summits Expedition Mahitala Unpar 2009-2012

23/12/2010 06:28, Sofyan Arief Fesa

Hai Guys, We're from from Indonesia Seven Summits expedition Mahitala-Unpar 2009-2012 has finish climbing of Mt.Vinson on December,13 2010, our fourth peak of seven summits.. we're first Indonesia team to Mt.Vinson.. Next week we plan for climbing a Mt.Aconcagua (the fifth our peak)..

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Raleigh Native James Wilde Conquers The 7 Summits

14/12/2010 06:02, Wilde James

On Tuesday October 19, 2010, Raleigh native, James Wilde stood atop Mt Kosciuszko in Australia, completing his eight year quest to climb the seven continental summits. James joins an elite list of climbers becoming one of the first 300 ever to complete this mountaineering feat. James climbed with ...

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Indonesia Seven Summits Expedition Mahitala-unpar 2009-2012

23/11/2010 06:25, Sofyan Arief Fesa

Hello, We're from Indonesia with the team of "Indonesia Seven summits expedition Mahitala-Unpar 2009-2012", 27th Nove 2010 we plan for climb a Mount Vinson and Mount Aconcaagua with 5person of Indonesia. wiss me luck and sucsess, this is Indonesia first going to Mount Vinson Massif.. Regards, Sofyan ...

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