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Everything goes according to plan. Our groups climbed one camp higher and became closer to the top


15/05/2018 21:49

Alexander Abramov from the slopes of Everest:

We came to the camp at 7900. We did it by 5 and a half hours from the Saddle (7000). Tomorrow we move on 8300 and in the night – SUMMIT BID! The weather is good…



Watch for the movement online – tomorrow, now all climbers are in tents.



All teams, according to the plan moved one camp higher. No changes have been reported so far. The first group of Alex Abramov spends the night in the camp 7900. The second group with guides Kotlyar and Rostovtsev came to the North Col. The third group (guides: Dmitry Ermakov, Andrey Mariev and Maxim Shakirov) came to the ABC camp. Group lists – see in our previous news…



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