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Group of the 7 Summits Club climbed to high camp on Denali. Audio message from Artem Rostovtsev


24/06/2018 19:19

Artem Rostovtsev, guide of the 7 Summits Club:

Hello, friends! We are continuing our expedition to Denali. It came already in the final stage. Today we worked hard and moved to the assault camp. On the way we took the depot. We had to walk for a long time, because backpacks were too heavy - 25 pounds plus. But now we can safely live here for a few days. But the plan is not to delay. Tomorrow we will have a little rest and the day after tomorrow we plan to climb to the summit.

  The weather is still promised to be good. If we hadn't promised for long – we would have gone tomorrow. And so there is a chance to rest a little more, to accumulate strength and already with new forces to reach the highest point.

 Best regards!

 Listen to the audio message in Russian:




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