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Service in Moscow

27/03/2009 17:30

Hotel accommodation in Moscow. Here is a number of hotels with reasonable location/ service/price ratio. Prices are in rubles per a standard room per night. Hotel Single Double/ Twin Breakfast RUB EUR USD RUB EUR USD "Cosmos" hotel, 4* 4050 89 121 4700 103 141 buffet, included “Izmailovo ...

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Everest expedition. The first rock climbing competitions in Kathmandu.

26/03/2009 16:33


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Everest 2009. Expedition has started.

23/03/2009 15:39

March 20, the advance team of Seven Summits Club Everest Expedition started off for Katmandu. The team consists of: Abramov Alexander (leader), Nikolay Cherny (guide), Maxim Bogatiryov (guide). They arrived in Nepal before the whole group, to prepare everything necessary for the expedition. Then ...

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Presentation of the first book of ours (written by Alex Abramov and the Team).

18/03/2009 18:53

17th of March there was a great day for the Seven Summits Club - a presentation of our first book. We named it very simple "Seven Summits", it was published by Niola Press publishing. There are three authors: Alex Abramov (main charakter), Eugeny Shtyl (main literator) and Alexader Yelkov (main ...

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Nancy Norris (65) plans to climb world`s tallest mountain and finish 7 Summits

16/03/2009 12:54

Nancy Norris is climbing a mountain whose Nepali name means "goddess of the sky." And some may call Norris the goddess of wellness -- at age 65, the petite grandmother of four will attempt to become the oldest North American woman to climb to the peak of Mount Everest. The mammoth Asian mountain in ...

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Ang Tsering: Nepal very busy this expedition season

12/03/2009 20:35

"Tashi Delek and Happy Lhosar. May this New Year bring you all great happiness!" " "Once again it is almost time for another Climbing Season. With only less than one month left before the Expeditions depart to the mountains, we at Asian Trekking are busy preparing for this Spring Season, as all our ...

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Our friend and participant of many club expeditions Grigory Korisch came to a tragic end.

10/03/2009 21:59

Yesterday we received the tragic news: our friend Grigory Korisch was killed in Switzerland during his backcountry skiing. He fell down into a crack. Gregory has just returned from a successful expedition to Aconcagua. Before that in January 2009 he has climbed the Mount Vinson with our ...

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Comic Relief Climbers Conquer Mount Kilimanjaro

07/03/2009 22:21

All nine incredible Kilimanjaro climbers proved today that there ain’t no mountain high enough as they all reached the summit, one by one, in the early hours of this morning! Guided by the moon throughout the freezing night, they reached the summit at varying stages from 4am this morning led ...

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Nepali ladies to scale seven summits in seven continents

06/03/2009 18:26

A group of ten Nepali women mountaineers is all set to embark on a mission to seven summits - the highest mountains of the seven continents. The group, comprising women from six different districts and ethnic groups of Nepal, announced at a press conference in Kathmandu on Friday that they would ...

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Bono would donate 1 Pound for every metre the team climbs

03/03/2009 16:26

As day two of the BT Red Nose Climb comes to a close, the celebrities are desperate for a rest after struggling with the harsh terrain. Alesha Dixon has become the first of the celebrity climbers to take a tumble during the second leg of the trek up Mount Kilimanjaro – whilst answering a call ...

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Everest forbidden

26/02/2009 14:55

The closure of Everest`s northeast ridge came after China told tourist agencies in Tibet to cancel all tours until April and stopped issuing entrance permits for Tibet to foreigners. Tensions in Tibet are running high ahead of the anniversary of the Dalai Lama`s flight into exile on March 10. Many ...

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Aconcagua: shocking video shows the failed rescue

20/02/2009 12:49

`God give him strength` Buenos Aires - Argentina was gripped on Tuesday by a video posted on the internet showing the failed rescue of an Italian-Argentine mountain guide who died last month near the peak of the highest mountain in the Andes. The images of Federico Campanini, a 31-year-old guide, ...

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Brothers - to break a world record by staying on top of Mount Everest....

18/02/2009 11:38

Three Nepalese brothers are to try to break a world record by staying on top of Mount Everest for 24 hours. Pemba Dorje Sherpa, aged 31, and his younger brothers Nima Gyalzen and Phurba Tenzing, intend to use their stay on the summit to pray for peace in Nepal and the world. They will take with them ...

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Oldest on Everest: Guinness Book recognizes Japanese over Nepali

13/02/2009 08:26

KATHMANDU, Feb 12: A Japanese climber who scaled Mount Everest last year at the age of 75 said Thursday he has been recognized by Guinness World Records as the oldest person to reach the world´s highest peak, AFP reported from Tokyo Thursday. Miura & Son Co Yuichiro Miura, who conquered Mount ...

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New record from Sergei Kofanov: 7 Summits in one year.

11/02/2009 12:24

February 10. Today the Russian famous climber, the youngest Russian climbers on Everest, guide of 7 Summits Club Sergei Kofanov went from Moscow to Argentina. His destination is highest mountain of South America – Aconcagua (not for the first time). But now it is climbing as part of his new ...

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Plans of The Seven Summits. The nearest expeditions

05/02/2009 08:12

One for another groups of our club go for the tallest summit of Africa – Kilimanjaro. It not only climbers, but also people of other hobbies. On 3th of February, the group of divers started from Moscow to Africa, and on 12th of February, the yoga school group goes on the same route. Later our ...

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Nepalese people are happy to climb. First Sherpa for the Seven Summits...

03/02/2009 12:22

Lakpa Rita Sherpa has Seventh Summit in his sights with February climb of Mount Kilimanjaro Renowned mountain guide expected to make successful bid for summit on February 13th and will be the first Sherpa to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents (Renton, WA – February 2, 2009) ...

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"Seven Summits – 2" from Hans Kammerlander

25/01/2009 11:41

Hans Kammerlander declared the beginning of realisation of a new program - " Seven second summits of continents». It will be his alternative to the classical program «Seven summits». The 52-year-old climber considers the classical program too banal and boring. Earlier he has ...

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Wellcome to audio blog of Lorenzo Gariano

16/01/2009 12:13

Lorenzo Gariano took part in expedition to Mount Vinson with Russian 7 Summit Club. Jan,2 all group stood on the top of Mount Vinson. Lorenzo has finally completed the Seven Summits - only the second Italian in history to have done so. We congradulate him and invite to his audio blog where you can ...

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Group led by Sergey Kofanov and Ludmila Korobeshko has climbed Mount Vinson (Antarctica)! How it was ...

16/01/2009 11:55

On Jan 2, 2009 at 17.00 (Chilean time), the third team 7 Summit Club stood on the top of Mount Vinson in Antarctica. Despite a sharp frost and wind All 10 people were able to reach that summit. As a result, they made several records: first Mogul has climbed the highest point of Antarctica, Lyudmila ...

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