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Seven Summits Club`s group has climbed Lenin Peak!

13/08/2009 12:22

August,7. The team of 7 Summits Club led by Ludmila Korobeshko reached the top of Lenin Peak (7134 m). Lenin Peak is one of the obligatory summit of "Snow Leopard" - the highest title in alpinism in the former Soviet Union. Lenin Peak is a very beautiful and powerful peak. Our congratulations!!!

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Seven Summits Club expedition on K2.

30/07/2009 16:31

At 15:00 on Almaty time in wardroom tent of the American expedition, all heads and leaders of all commands K2 expeditions (8611 m.) have gathered. Japanese, the Korean with Sherpa Nimgmaj, Americans, the Ecuadorian, the Austrians, Kazahstan and the Russian. Authoritative weather forecast from ...

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Summer season in Seven Summits Club.

10/07/2009 16:27

This summer 7 Summits Club expects a record number of expeditions. Particular emphasis will be placed on Elbrus. This expeditions will led Alexander Abramov. Expeditions will be held on different routes: from the North and South (the classic). Also other 7 Summits Club’s guides will work on ...

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John Collinson goes on Elbrus with Seven Summits Club.

30/06/2009 23:14

John Collinson - American 17 year-old boy grew up at the Snowbird Ski Resort and his goal is to be the youngest person to climb the Seven Summits in a year, the tallest peaks on the seven continents. In July he will visit Russia. His goal - the highest point in Europe - Elbrus. Seven Summits Club ...

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Everest 2009. Message from Dmitry Nikitin

25/05/2009 15:21

May,23 Dear friends, As of this morning the entire group is safely back at the Base Camp. The mountain has been kind to us and not only let us up its summit but also allowed us to return back without accidents, tragedies or frostbite. Tomorrow morning we are all heading down from the Base Camp, back ...

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New records set in our Everest 7 Summits Club Expedition

22/05/2009 13:02

In the course of our 7 Summits Club Everest 2009 expedition the following records were registered: - Andrey Carpenko became the first Moldavian to stand on top of Everest - Lynne Hanna and Noel Hanna became the first married couple from Ireland to get to the top of Everest together - Patrick Singh ...

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Urgent message from Everest!

21/05/2009 12:26

This morning the second group of 7 Summits Club in full force reached the Everest summit! This group was led by legendary Russian climber Nicholay Cherhy. These are the people who stood at the highest point of the planet: SINGH Patrick Rajnaraine (Canada)HANNA Lynne (Great Britain)HANNA Noel ...

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First group reached Everest summit!

20/05/2009 08:14

Today the first team of 7 Summits Club’s expedition successfully reached the summit. List of summiters: Alex ABRAMOV (Russia) – headViktor BOBOK (Russia) – guideKHUTOROVSKY Vladimir (Russia)CARPENCO Andrey (Moldavia)NIKITIN Dmitry (Russia)RAVENSTIJN Erik (Holland)MARIN Michael ...

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Message from Alexander Abramov from 8000m: Abu Elmezov on the top!

19/05/2009 16:59

Message from Alexander Abramov. A few hours ago, Abu Elmezov made a successful ascent to the top of Everest, becoming the first Balkars at the top of the world. At this point, he come down, have gone beyond the South summit. Seven Summits Club warmly congratulates him on this achievement! Alexander ...

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Everest 2009. Alex Abramov from Camp 2.

18/05/2009 12:51

Alex Abramov from the Camp 2: Hello all our friends! We are in Camp 2 at 6400 meters. It is night. We look forward to tomorrow to break the wall Lhodze. We have divided the team into two parts. The first group was composed of Michael, Eric, Vladimir, Dmitry and Andrey. Guides - Abramov and Bobok. ...

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Everest 2009. Entire team went to Camp 1.

16/05/2009 17:02

May,16. Today Seven Summits Club started summit attempt. Thay plan to climb to Summit of Everest 20 and 21 of May. 8 clients, 4 guides, 11 Sherpas and doctor went to Camp 1. It took 4 hours. The mood and feeling of all are excellent. The weather is good. Tomorrow entire team will go to Camp 2.

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Guide zum Gipfel Daniel Kaptain - new book on how to prepare for Seven Summits.

16/05/2009 11:39

This book is an illustrated training guide for all of those, who want to climb the highest mountains on earth. It gives detailed information about preparing, testing and training. It shows how the author an advanced personal trainer and training therapist prepared himself for mountains like ...

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Everest 2009. The entire team has successfully reached the summit.

15/05/2009 14:39

We are proud to report that the entire team has successfully reached the summit yesterday shortly past midday! Team pictures were taken on the summit of .... Kala Patthar at 5550m. Since we all were stuck at the Base Camp for several days in a row because of bad weather, all felt that something ...

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Leader of the Seven Summits Club fell in a crevasse in the Base camp of Everest.

11/05/2009 22:52

May 9, Seven Summits Club expedition celebrated Victory Day in the Base camp of Everest. Preparations for the festive evening took the entire day. Club Guides Max Bogatyryov and Viktor Bobok set generator and karaoke. Sherpas prepared food and drink. But suddenly the holiday was threatened. And the ...

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Every day life in BC.

08/05/2009 20:13

While most participants of Everest expeditions rest and gain strength in the woods, Seven Summits Club`s guides and other members of the expedition did not lose time for nothing. Base Camp RAVENSTIJN Erik MARIN Michael James Seven Summits Club`s guide Nikolay Chernyi masters technological innovation ...

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New photos from Everest

05/05/2009 19:40

While participants` Seven Summit Club Everest expedetion rest in the forest and preparing for ascension we can see some new photos. Seven Summits Club internet cafe. Internet is unlimited. Coffee is free

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Everest 2009. Our camps are best!

04/05/2009 19:56


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Everest. Expedition`s news.

29/04/2009 13:29

Today the first group of climbers go to Camp 1. At the camp they will surprise. Today Dmitry Nikitin celebrating his birthday. In honor of this event, the chef at a Camp 1 prepared celebratory pie of rice. Who comes first, to get more. Seven Summits Club congratulates Dmitry Happy Birthday!!! ...

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Everest. Last rotation trip up to C3.

28/04/2009 13:21

A couple of days ago the entire group bid farewell to Phillipe Bourlet, who left the climb for his native Grenoble, France. For further climbs two sub-groups were formed: Team One: Andrei, Vladimir, Dmitry, Michael and Eric Team Two: Lynn, Noel, Patric and John. Team One is heading up the Ice Fall ...

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Everest. Storm in ABC.

27/04/2009 13:15

It is a rest day at the Base Camp after going to Camp 2 - Advanced Base Camp (ABC). Our ABC is located right at the foot of Mt. Everest`s Western wall and overlooks other camps at the location. From ABC one looks straight at Western Cwm - a giant amphitheater made up by the Everest, Lhotse and ...

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