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Swedish climbers missed two world records.

05/12/2006 09:34

28.11.2006. Martin Letzter (25) and Olof Sundström (26) has summited Mount Vinson in Antarctica and become the first swedish to climb the seven summits. They have also skiied down all of the summits. Just few hours after Davo Karnicar ? 02.12.2006 Twenty-nine year old Fredrik Sträng has ...

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Punta Arenas: bad weather does not allow us to hope...

03/12/2006 21:26

Expedition of the 7 Summits Club to Antarctica. December, 3. All team has gathered in Punta Arenas. The intense preparation has borrowed 3 days, gathering of things and purchase of products of 500 kg. Now we are ready to fly away to Antarctica for an ascent on the highest summit of Antarctica ...

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Davor Karnicar skied down 7 summits !

30/11/2006 11:39

28. November 2006Davo has successfully concluded the project !Davo has successfully finished the 7 Summits project! He is the first man on the Earth skied from all seven summits of all continents! His words about the last descent: ?It was extremely cold, the weather was unpredictable, but the snow ...

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29/11/2006 20:39

November, 28 about 9 p.m. Moscow time, after long journey via Madrid and Santiago , Alexander has arrived in Punta Arenas. It is 2 days before arrival of the main group, to have time to prepare all for their arrival. Today, November, 29, at 18.10 Igor Pohvalin and Vladimir Aristarhov (other two ...

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Canadian Breaks World Record

29/11/2006 10:33

Canadian Breaks World Record INVERMERE, BC, Nov. 28 /CNW/ - Daniel Griffith has made Canada and the Canadian Alpine community proud by setting an incredible world record. Dan, a Stratford Ontario native, has just finished climbing the highest peaks on each of the seven continents within 187 days, ...

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Seven volcanoes and Mount Vinson twice....

25/11/2006 19:38

On Thursday, November, 23, in cafe the Exit Point, our company announced our new project seven volcanos . It is the program of ascents on the highest volcanos of all continents. Within the nearest years, we plan to lead expeditions to the summits missing in our list: Orizaba, Ojos del Salado, ...

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Kevin Flynn - He`s just one of the few to ascend the Seven Summits

23/11/2006 08:29

(November 19, 2006) Kevin Flynn said the sleet and high winds that greeted him and his wife when they reached the summit on an otherwise simple climb of Mount Kosciuszko in Australia were "kind of fitting." It was the seventh of the famed Seven Summits for the 49-year-old mountaineer from ...

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43 Estonian climbers to climb the highest summit of Africa ....

18/11/2006 21:04

The glory of Finns does not give Estonians of rest It is planned, that the flag of Estonia on Kilimanjaro will be risen November, 26. 43 Estonian climbers have decided to conquer the highest summit of Africa Kilimanjaro and thus to break a record of the neighbours of Finns which have climbed up this ...

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Harry Kikstra: is a so-called photoblog

16/11/2006 14:28

Harry Kikstra : is a so-called photoblog, which is the visual variation of a blog. Normally photobloggers post one image daily with little or no comments, but as you will see, not me. I have started not only as a way to show my portfolio, but also to share the ...

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Discovery Channel. Everest: Beyond the Limit

15/11/2006 12:57

DSC Everest: Beyond the Limit Summit Dreams Climbers arrive at Everest Base Camp and quickly learn the dangers of the mountain when they hear about a Sherpa`s condition. Climbers struggle to push their bodies to acclimate to the extreme altitude four miles above sea level. Discovery Channel ...

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Indian Malli Mastan Babu record: Seven summits in 172 days, both versions in 281

11/11/2006 20:08

Indian Malli Mastan Babu record: Seven summits in 172 days, both versions in 281 ( Malli Mastan Babu, born in a middle class family in Andhra Pradesh, India got his Everest summit 2 years later - on May 21 this year - after climbing the South Col route with Tenzing Sherpa and ...

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Israfil plans to climb Elbrus before Everest

09/11/2006 15:17

According a message of news agency Trend, Azerbaijanian Israfil Ashurly has received invitations to participation in several international winter climbing expeditions. As he has declared to the correspondent of the agency, one of such offers - expedition to New Guinea, for an ascent on Pyramid ...

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Our Korean friend - the best....

02/11/2006 12:32

23th of October Korean climber Kim Myung June has conquered Mt. Carstensz (4,884m), the highest peak in Oceania, and became the oldest mountaineer to climb all of the highest mountain peaks of the worlds seven continents. The 64-year-old Mr. Kim started his Seven Summit Challenge by climbing Mt. ...

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How are you, Lincoln ?

27/09/2006 16:50

Australian mountaineer Lincoln Hall arrived at the awards ceremony with his frostbitten fingers heavily bandaged. Picture: AAP IMAGE FOUR months after his near-death ordeal on Mt Everest, Lincoln Hall still has bandages on six of his fingers, and says hes still exhausted. Mr Hall, 50, was declared ...

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ExWeb interview with Alex Abramov, part 1: "I have learnt the lesson"

26/09/2006 12:06

ExWeb interview with Alex Abramov, part 1: "I have learnt the lesson" 12:47 am EST Sep 26, 2006 ( Abramov`s commercial Everest expedition in 2006 turned out a disaster. The team lost climber after climber to exposure; one rescued only after other climbers found him still alive ...

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A new 15-year-old aiming to reach seventh heaven .

23/09/2006 13:44

Young Matthew King reaches the highest point in Africa A teenager has completed the first hurdle in his bid to become the youngest person to complete the Seven Summits Challenge. Chief reporter LINDA PIPER talks to Matthew King, who has just returned home after climbing Africa`s highest mountain, ...

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First black South African women to summit the Mount Elbrus.

20/09/2006 13:53


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New, the oldest Route of McKinley Denali. FOLLOWING THE TRACES OF DR. FREDERICK COOK

18/09/2006 11:40

New Route ? McKinley Denali. FOLLOWING THE TRACES OF DR. FREDERICK COOK On Thursday, September, 14, in the Polytechnical Museum in Moscow a press conference on results of joint expedition of the " Adventure " Club of Dmitry and Matvey Shparo and magazine Vokrug Sveta was held. In opinion of ...

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Season Summery: what shall we do ? Everest Rescue Team 2007 project.

17/07/2006 19:01

Everest Rescue Team 2007 project The Task. A lot of words were spoken during last month about accidents on Everest that occurred at spring 2006. Of course it is very important to clear understand all situations and make some conclusions for future. I write this article because I want to turn this ...

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Karnicar rides Elans toward the record books in 7 Summits Project

28/06/2006 11:04

Davo Karnicar continues his challenge of the 7 Summits Project, after which he will become the first to ski from the highest summits on seven continents. Karnicar started with the project in October 2000, when he skied from the world`s highest peak, Mount Everest (8.850 meters - Asia). He also ...

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