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News from 18th of April

18/04/2007 11:03

April, 18 2007 Everest BC from the North, 5200м. Yesterday we have gone down from АВС (Advanced Base Camp), 6400м. Upwards up to Intermediate camp we went on the average 4 hours, up to Advanced - 4,5 hours. In the evening April, 16 after arrival in АВС we have left under a wall of North Col. Sherpas ...

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Day of Astronautics and more

12/04/2007 19:55

12.04.07 A lot of events. First, we have gone down from Intermediate camp, having spent a night on 5800м. We all are alive and healthy. Night has passed almost without any problem. Only one of yaks has lain near tent where Sergey Batura was slept. And Sergey was forced to try to get it away all ...

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7 summits speed record attempt: Elbrus - without summit

10/04/2007 19:12

Dave Pritt, Director of Adventure Peaks and friends Ian McKeever and John Whittle are attempting to break the world record for climbing the seven summits. The record currently stands at 187 days. They made 4 summits before trying to climb Elbrus. 9th April - Life can be hard in the mountains. The ...

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Arrival in the base camp. First troubles....

09/04/2007 21:48

Arrival in base camp. Yesterday, April, 8 the main group (14 person + Lyudmila Korobeshko) has arrived to the Base Camp at height 5200 m. We were met by Sergey Kofanov, Alexander Bichenko, Andrey Selivanov, which here already about one week here. They had time to prepare all camp with the maximal ...

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April, 6. Sergey Kofanov (from base camp):

06/04/2007 20:42

April, 6. Sergey Kofanov (from base camp): Since yesterday the weather began to spoil. Since morning the sky was clean, but after dinner all was covered by clouds. All Sherpas declared, that it is an attribute of weather changing. Snow should go in couple of days, in their opinion. We would like, ...

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7 summits for Ervand Iljinsky

05/04/2007 20:28

4 April 2007 Ervand Iljinsky, the famous coach of the National Kazakhstan team, has completed "7 summits" program - he has just returned from Australia, where he climbed Kosciuszko peak. Ervand summited Everest in 1990, together with American-Chineese-Soviet expedition, then climbed Denali, ...

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Lhasa for the first time, just wonderful !

04/04/2007 20:23

April, 4. News from the Everest expedition "Adventure Team Alpindustria - Club 7 Summits Club” Yesterday, April, 3 we have left hospitable Nepal and in one and a half hour we have landed at the airport of Lhasa. Height 3600м, we have felt it at once. On words of Hanna, which was here 14 years ...

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2 апреля - заключительный день перед отлетом в Лхасу

03/04/2007 14:07

Новости из экспедиции на Эверест "Клуба 7 Вершин - Команда Приключений Альпиндустрия" Коробешко Людмила из Катманду: 2 апреля - заключительный день перед отлетом в Лхасу - выдался очень насыщенным и напряженным.С раннего утра Курт и Брюс сходили на Обезьяний Холм и вернулись, переполненные ...

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Брюс Мэттьюз должен вернуться в Катманду в субботу

30/03/2007 21:03

Участник нашей экспедиции Брюс Мэттьюз завтра возвращается в Катманду из акклиматизационного трека по южной стороне Эвереста. Судя по всему, возвращается в очень хорошем настроении – новозеландца порадовали результаты деятельности его земляка Эдмунда Хиллари и всех кто способствовал ...

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All Russians are already in Katmandu

30/03/2007 20:15

Alex Abramov March, 29. The main part of our expedition has arrived today in Katmandu.. As soon as all members have arrived, they at once have given their climbing equipment for transportation to the base camp. Our guides Alexander Bichenko and Sergey Kofanov will go in base camp with lorries. The ...

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The press release of the Everest expedition

25/03/2007 17:50

A new expedition to Everest from the « 7 Summits-Club Club” under the leadership of Alex Abramov started March, 21. This year our team will be include 17 climbers, the head, four guides and a doctor. 23 persons alltogher. Approximately as much will be the attendants, including group of ...

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Sochi’s Sport Ambassadors raise the bid’s flag atop Europe’s tallest mountain peak

24/03/2007 20:03

Sochi, Russia, March 24, 2007 – Russian climber Maxim Shakirov and his team of alpinists yesterday reached the top of Mt. Elbrus, located in the Caucasus Mountains overlooking Sochi, where the team raised the flag of Sochi 2014, Russia’s bid to host the 2014 Olympic and Paralympic Games. ...

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7 Summits Speed Record. How are things ?

24/03/2007 08:32

Dave Pritt, Director of Adventure Peaks and friends Ian McKeever and John Whittle are attempting to break the world record for climbing the seven summits. The record currently stands at 187 days. The team reached the summit yesterday, 16th of March, they were lucky enough to get clear weather for ...

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Start of new Everest expedition...

22/03/2007 15:07

Start of new Everest expedition. March, 21 Alexander Abramov, Alexander Bichenko and Andrey Selivanov they took off for Katmandu for preparation of a new expedition to the Everest. Today they have informed, that have successfully reached the capital of Nepal. March, 28 the main group will follow ...

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Everest on his mind

19/03/2007 21:10

Werner Berger works out in front of his hypobaric tent. He is sleeping in it to prepare for the ultimate challenge of climbing the world`s highest mountain, Mount Everest. At 69, acclimatizing to the thin air at high altitude is one of the biggest challenges. (Greg Henkenhaf, Sun Media) He`s proof ...

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Far Eastern climbers in our Team to summit Everest

18/03/2007 11:49

Six mountain climbers from Kamchatka and Primorye will embark on an expedition to Mount Everest to ascend the world`s highest peak, the first project of the kind organized by climbers from the Russian Far East. The ascent team, which consists of four residents of Kamchatka and two from Primorye, ...

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14 Year Old to Kick Off Seven Summit Campaign in 2007

10/03/2007 22:22

14 Year Old to Kick Off Seven Summit Campaign in 2007 LONDON, Ontario -- On Tuesday March 13 at 1pm at the London Convention Centre, with supporters including London Ontario Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best and Canadian cancer fighting kids in attendance, 14 year old mountaineer Brandon Schupp will ...

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Opportunities to use «BILACTIN» preparation in mountaineering

05/03/2007 22:19

Nowadays the fact that with increase of the mountains altitude a person should adapt to more mutable factors and more significantly decreases his working capacity doesn`t give rise to any doubts. Altitude also slows down the rate of regenerative processes in an organism. Moreover, in conditions of ...

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3 mountain climbers, members of our Everest expedition, rescued in Kamchatka

28/02/2007 10:24

As of Tuesday rescuers have managed to save all three mountain climbers who were lost from their group while descending the Kamen Mountain in the Kamchatka region on Sunday. Nine mountain climbers from Primorye, Moscow and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky were descending from Kamchatka’s Kamen ...

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IOC Evaluation Commission Departs Sochi Praising Strong Public Support and Unique Bid Assets

24/02/2007 13:34

IOC Evaluation Commission Departs Sochi Praising Strong Public Support and Unique Bid Assets 23.02.07 The International Olympic Committee Evaluation Commission concluded its visit to Sochi today by praising the strong support for the Sochi 2014 bid among the Russian public, the government, the ...

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