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Marat Safin: letter from Katmandu

19/09/2007 10:04

To all my fans out there - I am writing to you from Katmandu. Yes a lot of you have heard already that I was on my way to my exciting adventure to climb Cho-Oyu, a mountain in the Himalayas in the Tibet.I feel it is important for me to fully describe to you what has been going on with me in the last ...

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Climb in Xegar

18/09/2007 22:23

Yesterday, September, 17-th, we have moved through the pass of Lalung La ( 5100 meters high) on which all have felt attributes of mountain illness. Our command has gone down in very exotic small town Old Tingri (4200м). Directly in the street here mutton corps are dried and cows eat the rests of ...

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The first climb of Marat Safin

17/09/2007 10:28

September, 16. Today at night, the team has moved from Zhangmu to a small town of Nialam (3600м), situated in gorge among high mountains. The way passes by a bad road heavy loaded by lorries. Now the road is under repair for Olympiad. After breakfast we have gone on an acclimatization climb on the ...

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15/09/2007 10:19

Before departure in Tibet our expedition has visited the Russian Embassy in Nepal. We were invited in Apartments of the Ambassador of Russia in Nepal of Andrey Trofimov. An interesting conversation was held. Valery Babanov and Sergey Kofanov also were present at the meeting. In few days they will ...

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Tennis on Top of Cho-Oyu (8201)

12/09/2007 12:27

September 11, main part of members “7Summits Club – Alpindustria” expedition came to Nepal. This team will climb under the leadership of Alexander Abramov. The aim is to climb the sixth highest mountain in the world by classic route from Tibet side.In expedition take part Russian ...

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Alex Abramov met Ang Tshering in Katmandu

10/09/2007 23:30

Now our preparation for Cho Oyu expedition goes well. We have checked up all equipment remained after Everest and have selected all that is necessary for Cho Oyu. Sherpas help very well. In Katmandu there were rains, but to my arrival have practically stopped. It is getting hotter every day. I have ...

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Start of Cho-Oyu expedition

07/09/2007 15:04

Alex after hard summer work   7th September “Seven Summits Club – Alpindustria” Cho-Oyu expedition started. Alexander Abramov has taken off for Katmandu for preparation of expedition. 11th September, 8 other participants of trip should join him. In total it will be 7 climbers ...

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Sergey Kofanov goes to the Jannu North Face

04/09/2007 16:55

Jannu (7710m) North Face: in a two-man team & alpine style Probably, there in no one from climbing society in Russia who has not heard the name of this Mountain. And I think that I need not go into the all attempts, both successful and failed, to summit it from the North. The Mountain remembers ...

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Mount Elbrus: the last refuge for skiing in Europe

29/08/2007 12:54

Published: 29 August 2007 It is the highest mountain in Europe and at some point in the 21st century it could become the last place on the continent where people can still enjoy downhill skiing due to climate change. This is not Mount Blanc in the Alps but Mount Elbrus in the north Caucasus of ...

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Russian Troops on Highest Europe Mount

16/08/2007 20:31

Moscow, Aug 15 (Prensa Latina) The Russian Ministry of Defense is preparing to locate two mountain brigades in the northern Caucasian Mountains, following the historic conquest of Europe`s highest mountain Mt. Elbrus (18,510 feet). A Russian infantry company completed the expedition to Mt. Elbrus on ...

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Training necessary for our objectives. From Alexander Abramov.

07/08/2007 10:29

Necessary trainings.Alexander Abramov tells. For preparation for an ascent of the Everest it is necessary to train. Certainly, climbing ascents is best training for ascents, but … If you can not leave city, and up to the nearest mountains it is more than 1000 kms, it is necessary to learn to ...

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She`s a lady - even on Everest

09/07/2007 21:55

Derry Journal By By Erin Hutcheon She may have become famous as Northern Ireland`s first woman to conquer Everest, but a little known fact about Hannah Shields is that she was also the first woman to summit the mountain with full lipstick and her Paloma Picasso perfume on."There`s nothing glamorous ...

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New speed 7 summits record

02/07/2007 10:03

  1st July 9:30am - Ian Mckeever is now the proud record holder of the World Speed Record for the 7 Summits. The team summited Denali yesterday (30th June) to complete the challenge in a total of 156 days, knocking an incredible 31 days off the old record. Summiting alongside Ian was Dave ...

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Two-time Cancer Survivor Summits Denali and Completes Historic Mission to Reach the Seven Continents` Highest Peaks

22/06/2007 11:38

Everest summit !   Business Wire On June 19, Sean Swarner, a two-time cancer survivor, successfully reached the summit of Denali, the highest peak in North America. The 20,320-foot climb marked the final summit in Swarner`s quest to become the first two-time cancer survivor to mount the highest ...

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China building highway to Everest, no hotel - yet….

20/06/2007 22:02

  China on Wednesday confirmed the construction of a 110-km-long metalled highway in Tibet to Mt Everest in an attempt to provide an additional bonanza to the world at the time of the Olympics. The move has sparked off howls of protests from environmentalists while in New Delhi there has been ...

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Sergey- Kofanov`s story about the rescue of Italian Marco on Everest

05/06/2007 12:57

… after summit I should be stayed almost one and a half hour on a crest at 8500 meters. I was waiting for Sergey Larin who was the last in our team. At last, about 12 a.m. he has informed me, that he has safely gone down from the Second Step. Then I have decided that the most dangerous part ...

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Bill Tyler summit report

26/05/2007 16:35

May 25th: Bill Tyler: debrief about the climb part 1« on: Yesterday at 08:59 » "I am here in Kathmandu after several long travel days on bumpy roads in the back of a bus. I am feeling great, but my feet are still numb. I had a doc look at them and no frostbite, just a squeeze that should ...

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First summit photos, from ABC camp....

21/05/2007 23:54

News from 7 Summits Club & Alpindustria Everest Expedition 2007 From the leader of expedition, Alex Abramov May 21, camp ABC, 6400m 100% succes on Everest. All climbers from our expedition have summited Everest. Altogether 26 persons: 14 members and 12 Sherpas. Now we are in ABC camp, in safe ...

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Today the second group have summited Everest.

20/05/2007 13:52

News from 7 Summits Club & Alpindustria Everest Expedition 2007 From the leader of expedition, Alex Abramov May, 20 2007 8300 m, Everest from the North. Today the second group have summited Everest. We have left at midnight and in 8 a.m. were at the top of Everest. Now it is 11:30, at eleven we all ...

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First group summited ! Everything is OK ....

19/05/2007 21:40

Sergey Kofanov, 29, now two-times Everest summiter   News from 7 Summits Club & Alpindustria Everest Expedition 2007 From the leader of expedition, Alex Abramov May, 19 2007 Camp 7700 – 8300 m, Everest from the North. Morning call (6 a.m. in Moscow): Now in Tibet is 10 a.m... The First ...

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