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Four Norwegians - on the Khumbu trek

29/03/2006 14:13

Four Norwegians from “World Wide Vikings - EVEREST 2006 group” arrived in Lukla for 12 days of acclimatizing trek in the Khumbu Valley. 7 Thursday, March 16. 2006 There are 4 Norwegians in our expedition team, a small subteam as they are all ...

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The first message from Katmandu

22/03/2006 14:56

The message from Katmandu: March, 20 Alexander Abramov, Nikolay Chernyi, Maxim Onipchenko, Lyudmila Korobeshko and doctor Andrey Selivanov had arrived in Katmandu. The Pakistan airlines resolve 40 kg of a cargo on a person. We have underestimated weight of equipment. It was necessary to pay in ...

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Lorenzo: “Alex (Abramov) was fantastic, because when I radioed....

19/03/2006 18:53

( “I had to spend the night on my own on the ridge at approx 8600m due to a frozen eye, and then descend to Camp 3 at first light to 8300m,” Lorenzo Gariano told ExplorersWeb. The climber attempted Everest last year from the North side as a member of the 7 Summits/7 ...

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New Elbrus Expedition dates and prices: with Alex and Harry

17/03/2006 11:44

From this season we will be offering a new type of Elbrus expedition: no more extremely low budget climbs (there are still other operators that offer them, check the advertisements above) but more luxurious and guided by at least one 7 summiteer: Alex Abramov and/or Harry Kikstra. We also limit the ...

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Member of our expedition wants to be the youngest person...

15/03/2006 16:20

Sydney teen Chris Harris can`t wait to become the youngest person to scale Mount Everest.Chris, still eight months shy of his 16th birthday, will begin the difficult and dangerous climb next month. "Reaching the top, just hanging off ice cliffs, turning your head and looking at the view will be ...

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Экспедиция на Эверест, Команда Приключений Альпиндустрия и Клуб Семь Вершин

15/03/2006 12:03

Экспедиция на Эверест, Команда Приключений Альпиндустрия и Клуб Семь Вершин.Руководитель - Александр Абрамов. Официальная дата начала экспедиции : 10 апреля. Александр Абрамов и некоторые члены команды обслуживания вылетают в Непал уже 20 марта. Для такой большой экспедиции потребуется огромная ...

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New 7 summiteers are added

10/03/2006 13:58

Harry Kikstra, Yes, finally all the new 7 summiteers are added! Not everything is complete yet, but we added the info as much as possible.- Now there are 164 people on the combined Carstensz Pyramid & Kosciuszko list (people who climbed one or the other or both).- Now there are 92 on ...

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Our Everest expedition seems to be the largest one this season

07/03/2006 21:52

Expedition name "7 Summits Club" Expedition Leader - Alexander Abramov Expedition guides - Alexander Abramov, Russia (main guide and leader, Everest Summiteer, leader of 5 Himalayan Expeditions) - Nikolay Cherny, Russia (guide, co-leader, Everest Summiteer, 6 other 8-thousenders) - Igor Svergun, ...

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Nine climbers on the Uhuru Peak

05/03/2006 16:14

Alexander Elkov from city of Moshi (Tanzania): 3th of March 9 persons from the group of 7 Summits Club has climbed the highest point of Kilimanjaro - Uhuru Peak (5895м) and two more have reached edge of a crater, Gillman’s Point (5682м). All are in good health, though have got tired, ...

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North America`s tallest mountain is getting crowded - too crowded for safety

01/03/2006 13:48

North America`s tallest mountain is getting crowded - too crowded for safety. Starting next year, the National Park Service will cap the number of climbers allowed on Alaska`s Mount McKinley at 1 500 a year - not too many more than the record 1 340 alpinists who attempted to scale the 6 096m ...

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New record in Aconcagua

25/02/2006 15:52

Peruvian Holmes Pantoja Bayona completed the fastest ascent on Aconcagua (6962 m) to date. Holmes reached the summit in only 13 hours – scoring a total time from BC to BC of 20 hours and 35 minutes. The previous record was held by Argentinean Willie Benegas – who climbed to the summit ...

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Sergey Larin from Aconcagua expedition

10/02/2006 18:06

The information from Aconcagua. Our trip began from tiresome flight to Buenos Aires. Then the period of continuous failures began. Three bags with luggage have disappeared, were not delivered in a terminal point. In result the group was divided into two parts. Four persons were engaged in search of ...

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Sergey Bogomolov leads group for Kili

08/02/2006 19:17

The 1th of February a group of the Seven Summits Club has taken off for Africa for an ascent on Kilimanjaro. Sergey Bogomolov works with this group as a guide. It is very pleasant for us, this famous climber (on which account are 11 eight-thousandsmeters peaks) works with our company. Less than in ...

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19/01/2006 10:40

January, 15 - Sunday. As usually occurs at height, we slept poorly. Today we have come on height 5850м. That the most surprising, that the track passes on road on which jeeps rise. We have put tent at this height. We are making an acclimatization at height of 5850 m. Here, in desert, we should ...

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17/01/2006 10:31

  January, 14. We have hired a jeep 4х4 Nissan with an open luggage carrier. Naturally, we wanted to leave as soon as possible, approximately at 10 a.m.. But we were engaged still in purchases and have left only about 1 p.m... It was necessary to take with us additional canisters with gasoline. ...

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16/01/2006 20:49

12.0111го January the team of Club of 7 Summits has returned in Punta Arenas from Antarctica. Having caught 10 hour window in awfully bad Antarctic weather. The Russian crew of the plane of IL - 76 has transported us to the Earth. What surprising sensation - to see a grass and trees... Not clear, ...

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Climbers of the 7Summits Club in snow captive of Antarctica.

09/01/2006 12:18

After climb the summit of Vinson, the six of brave climbers of 7Summits Club have discussed plans how they will depart from Antarctica, what they will do further. But here the weather has deteriorated. And a second day it is snowing hard, with a zero visibility. We go in darkness. We have put the ...

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Harry and Heber - new Sevensummiters !

07/01/2006 21:35

Alexander Abramov by the sattelite phone from Antarctica. January, 6 the second part of our team Harry Kikstra, Heber Orona and Pablo Kommer at 6 p.m. has climbed the top of Mount Vinson. The weather was quite bad, about same, as yesterday. A strong wind, a bad visibility. At 9 p.m. all of us have ...

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First Vinson climb in New Year, and the first new Sevensummiter !

06/01/2006 17:17

January, 6 2006, 4:07 a.m. local time. 5th of January, in the morning the weather was rather bad. Cold and windy. Some expeditions have left their tents for summit climb at 11-12 a.m... Our expedition, all six, has left too. The strong wind blows to our faces. One by one climbers decided to return. ...

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Our group at camp 2, before summit climb.

05/01/2006 17:13

Alex Abramov by telephone from Antarctica.January, 5 2006. 3 a.m. local time. Yesterday our team of 7Smmits-Club and (six person) has climbed in camp 2, on height of about 4000 m. Officially we need to rise only 800 m up to the top. The weather is a little bit strange. Now the ...

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