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New record in Aconcagua

25/02/2006 15:52

Peruvian Holmes Pantoja Bayona completed the fastest ascent on Aconcagua (6962 m) to date. Holmes reached the summit in only 13 hours – scoring a total time from BC to BC of 20 hours and 35 minutes. The previous record was held by Argentinean Willie Benegas – who climbed to the summit ...

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Sergey Larin from Aconcagua expedition

10/02/2006 18:06

The information from Aconcagua. Our trip began from tiresome flight to Buenos Aires. Then the period of continuous failures began. Three bags with luggage have disappeared, were not delivered in a terminal point. In result the group was divided into two parts. Four persons were engaged in search of ...

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Sergey Bogomolov leads group for Kili

08/02/2006 19:17

The 1th of February a group of the Seven Summits Club has taken off for Africa for an ascent on Kilimanjaro. Sergey Bogomolov works with this group as a guide. It is very pleasant for us, this famous climber (on which account are 11 eight-thousandsmeters peaks) works with our company. Less than in ...

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19/01/2006 10:40

January, 15 - Sunday. As usually occurs at height, we slept poorly. Today we have come on height 5850м. That the most surprising, that the track passes on road on which jeeps rise. We have put tent at this height. We are making an acclimatization at height of 5850 m. Here, in desert, we should ...

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17/01/2006 10:31

  January, 14. We have hired a jeep 4х4 Nissan with an open luggage carrier. Naturally, we wanted to leave as soon as possible, approximately at 10 a.m.. But we were engaged still in purchases and have left only about 1 p.m... It was necessary to take with us additional canisters with gasoline. ...

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16/01/2006 20:49

12.0111го January the team of Club of 7 Summits has returned in Punta Arenas from Antarctica. Having caught 10 hour window in awfully bad Antarctic weather. The Russian crew of the plane of IL - 76 has transported us to the Earth. What surprising sensation - to see a grass and trees... Not clear, ...

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Climbers of the 7Summits Club in snow captive of Antarctica.

09/01/2006 12:18

After climb the summit of Vinson, the six of brave climbers of 7Summits Club have discussed plans how they will depart from Antarctica, what they will do further. But here the weather has deteriorated. And a second day it is snowing hard, with a zero visibility. We go in darkness. We have put the ...

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Harry and Heber - new Sevensummiters !

07/01/2006 21:35

Alexander Abramov by the sattelite phone from Antarctica. January, 6 the second part of our team Harry Kikstra, Heber Orona and Pablo Kommer at 6 p.m. has climbed the top of Mount Vinson. The weather was quite bad, about same, as yesterday. A strong wind, a bad visibility. At 9 p.m. all of us have ...

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First Vinson climb in New Year, and the first new Sevensummiter !

06/01/2006 17:17

January, 6 2006, 4:07 a.m. local time. 5th of January, in the morning the weather was rather bad. Cold and windy. Some expeditions have left their tents for summit climb at 11-12 a.m... Our expedition, all six, has left too. The strong wind blows to our faces. One by one climbers decided to return. ...

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Our group at camp 2, before summit climb.

05/01/2006 17:13

Alex Abramov by telephone from Antarctica.January, 5 2006. 3 a.m. local time. Yesterday our team of 7Smmits-Club and (six person) has climbed in camp 2, on height of about 4000 m. Officially we need to rise only 800 m up to the top. The weather is a little bit strange. Now the ...

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News from camp one.

03/01/2006 17:06

8:40 (Moscow time) 03.01.2006. Hello, Abramov Alex - the captain of the Adventure Team Alpindustria and the head of the 7 Summit-Club joint with expedition. Our third group has arrived, at last: Vyacheslav Pashkov and Boris Sedusov are Russian members, Heber Orona and Pablo Kommer are ...

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Here is how we celebrated New Year in Antarctica

02/01/2006 13:06

7.21 January,1 2006 Patriot Hills Here is how we celebrated New Year in Antarctica. First, the meeting of New Year in Antarctica is amusing. Especially in an international team. We have started to drink already in middle of day. Japanese shouted something and have lifted glasses for New Year ...

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I want to devote the ascent to Russian climbers, to our veterans.

28/12/2005 13:22

December, 28. 10:45 (Moscow), 4:45 (local time).Alexander Abramov from camp 2 (3800m) from the slopes of Mount Vinson (Antarctica). December, 27, we were going to leave at 10 o`clock in the morning. We even have left, but have quickly understood, that weather is too bad, the wind, conditions were ...

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Visit to the Russian Corner

27/12/2005 20:23

December, 25. Today all people in base camp are joyful and polite since morning. Everybody says: Merry Christmas! But despite of it, pressure continue to fall. My partners offer to take tents and go on for summit attempt. But I feel, that the previous situation repeats. Fine weather - on arrival. ...

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Spirit is high, but pressure is low

26/12/2005 09:01

December, 23 the small plane has transported us in the base camp of Vinson. On the Patriot Hills at the moment of our start the weather has again deteriorated. Very strong wind has risen. Good weather has stood no more than one day. Just before our start, a plane with the Chinese expedition has ...

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Adventures of the Adventure Team and the 7 Summits-Club go on

23/12/2005 09:28

23.12Adventures of the Adventure Team and the 7 Summits-Club go on. On December, 18th we could not depart from Patriot Hills and then bad weather came for several days. We were seven persons here plus Victor Bojarsky came later with his command. The weather has improved only today in the morning. We ...

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Summit report fro Alex Abramov

15/12/2005 21:57

Expedition of the 7 Summits Club (Alpindustria Adventure Team) and to Antarctica. Mount Vinson climb for Seven Summits Challenge. Team: Alexander Abramov (leader, 41, Russia, Moscow), Victor Bobok (44, Russia - Ukraine) Israfil Ashurly (36, Russia – Azerbaijan), Vladimir Pushkarev ...

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Summit !

15/12/2005 15:09

All members of the expedition of the 7 Summits Club (Alpindustria Adventure Team) and to Antarctica have reached the summit of Mount Vinson, it was at 22:30 14th of December. The team: Alexander Abramov, Victor Bobok, Israfil Ashurly, Vladimir Pushkarev, Soren Gudmann.

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Night before start

14/12/2005 21:24

Expedition of the 7 Summits Club (Alpindustria Adventure Team) and to Antarctica. Mount Vinson climb for Seven Summits Challenge. Team: Alexander Abramov (leader, 41, Russia, Moscow), Victor Bobok (44, Russia - Ukraine) Israfil Ashurly (36, Russia – Azerbaijan), Vladimir Pushkarev ...

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I want to describe last three days full of heroism and tragedy..

12/12/2005 21:24

Alexander Abramov. The message from 12.12.2005.I want to describe last three days full of heroism and tragedy.. Our group has survived two heavy nights in area of camp 2 on slopes of mountain Vinson. December, 9 the group has left from camp 1 to camp 2. Climbers have taken equipment and products for ...

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