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Alexander Abramov about the beginning of the main part of the expedition Carstensz-2

31/10/2017 19:52

So the expedition to   Carstensz seria-2 starts. We arrived at 8 people in Bali. Under the guidance of Lyudmila Korobeshko and Alexander Abramov. And then we met our group-1, which yesterday returned to Bali from Carstensz, under the leadership of Artem Rostovtsev. We are resting and ...

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Lyudmila Korobeshko opens a new expedition to the Mount of arstensz

30/10/2017 18:10

Lyudmila Korobeshko from Papua: Today Oct 30, I arrived at Timika on the island of Papua New Guinea after a short preparatory phase on Bali.   All day I with local guides bought food (a supplement to previously purchased delicacies in Bali), carefully weighed and packaged equipment. Tomorrow ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar with the group climbed to 4900 in the Khare. This is a place for acclimatization

29/10/2017 18:52

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of 7 summits Club: a group named   "Navy Seals Kotlyar"   is closer to the goal! We came in Khare, the place on the 4900. Here are   last   loggias in the valley. We went perfectly! I'm proud. I'm thinking to spend here not one day of rest, but two. But ...

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Mountain school in the autumn Alps - conclusion

28/10/2017 22:34

Maxim, guide of 7 summits Club: Well, that ended our stay in the mountains. Contrary to popular belief that the autumn is not good season and it is a little late for climbing, we had a great four days! We have training on the rocks and the ice, made a trial ascent, worked out the basic techniques ...

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Trekking "Around Manaslu" was successfully completed. A large group of 7 summits Club came back to Kathmandu

28/10/2017 20:10

Guide 7 summits Club on the trek "Around Manaslu" Andrey Berezin: Hello! We successfully completed the trek around Manaslu, we are now in Besisahar. The first half of the day we rode in pickup trucks on a mountain road. We have successfully completed the pass Lark La, 5100m altitude, then went down ...

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Artem Rostovtsev with his group returned to Timika. You can now see PHOTOS from Carstensz

28/10/2017 19:27

Artem Rostovtsev, guide of   the 7 Summits Club: Here is Papua. Yesterday morning we failed to fly from the mountain. We walked around the area, doing local studies. Nearby, somehow called Yellow, valley, a gold-copper open pit, and of course the mountains. We shamans weather that we will take ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar with a group crossed the pass Zatra La and descended into the valley. PHOTOS

28/10/2017 18:40

The message of 27 October. Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of   the 7 Summits Club: The group "Navy Seals of Kotlyar" successfully passed the pass Zatra La! We went down to the village of Gotha!   Today is the birthday of Oleg! And we made a cake, but congratulations on the sweet was inscribed ...

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SUMMIT! Carstensz Express! It was probably the fastest ascent of the Pyramid Carstensz from Timika

26/10/2017 12:23

Artem Rostovtsev, a guide of   the 7 Summits Club: Hi, 7 summits! This is Artem Rostovtsev from Papua. We are in the base camp under Carstensz. Now exactly 2:20 local time, remember this time! Today the day began in Timika. In the morning we had a breakfast at the hotel, then arrived at the ...

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Mountain school in the autumn Alps - the third day. CLIMBING, pictures, and video

25/10/2017 19:46

Maxim, guide of the 7 Summits Club: Sunny weather continues to pamper us. Today we climbed to the summit of Aiguille de Toule 3500. As planned, then we   had a little practice on the glacier and solidified in the previous days knowledge by great climbing.           ...

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They were the first! Alex tested on employees of the 7 Summits Club a ritual presentation of medals FOR SUMMIT

25/10/2017 19:11

The 7 Summits Club started the development and production of medals for ascents on each of “the 7 summits”. Today there was the first presentation of the medal for climbing Kilimanjaro. And practicing the ceremony of awarding the medals. Medals are awarded in a festive atmosphere by ...

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Our group in Papua returned to Timika after attempts to negotiate with the Papuans. Photos and videos from Artem Rostovtsev

25/10/2017 07:55

  Artem Rostovtsev, a guide of the 7 Summits Club:   Rainy greetings from Papua! We are again in Timika. In short, we flew to Sugapa, and then are unable to overcome obstacles in the form of representatives of the tribe of Moni on the way to the jungle. Some time groups of tourists ...

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Expedition "Trek Around Manaslu" is gaining height and meets an old friend!

24/10/2017 19:11

A guide of the 7 Summits Club on the trek "Around Manaslu" Andrey Berezin: And in the meantime, our group successfully gains altitude and acclimatization. The output was 3800 at 4300m... On the route   two members of the expedition on Everest 1982 met: Nicholay Cherny and Sergey Bershov... ...

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Journey to Japan in 2017, the Smirnov family. VIDEO

24/10/2017 15:13

Join us to watch a short film about the mountains and wonderful nature! This is the story of the Northern island of Japan - Hokkaido, where wildlife is close neighbors with comfort and convenience for travelers. Volcanoes, fumaroles, hot springs, flower fields, fruit picking, museums, acquaintance ...

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The group of Vladimir Kotlyar flew to Lukla in a helicopter of Mingma

24/10/2017 12:18

Due to weather conditions and accumulated in two non-flying days   tourists, today we again failed to fly to Lukla on the plane. So we decided to fly in a helicopter )))          

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The message from Maxim Foygel: Autumn Mountain school in the Alps has begun work, the first day.

23/10/2017 20:07

Maxim Foygel, guide of the 7 Summits Club: Cold and drizzly weather in the capital of mountaineering Chamonix has not inspired us to venture into the rocks. We quickly switched to Italy:) Oh, how wonderful is autumn Aosta! A complete contrast of France. On the rocks near the village of Arvier we ...

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Our group in Papua is ready to go on the route. Photos from Artem Rostovtsev

23/10/2017 18:43

Artem Rostovtsev, guide of   the 7 Summits Club: Hi, 7 summits! A group of Papua-Carstensz gathered in Timika. Today I met the team at the airport, they checked in, slept off. All you need to navigate to mountain attended. We checked with the immigration service, the first step to getting a ...

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Thank you all! The 7 Summits Club celebrated its anniversary in a circle of friends, in a great location. MANY PHOTOS

23/10/2017 16:48

October 20, Friday, the 7 Summits Club celebrated its 10th anniversary in the restaurant "Korchma Taras Bulba", at our friend Yuri Beloyvan. The evening passed very quickly and we can't believe we had so much to hear and see. Thank you friends who came to congratulate us! Thanks to those who sent ...

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Expedition on Mera Peak started. The group of Vladimir Kotlyar flies to Lukla

23/10/2017 12:40

The group of Vladimir Kotlyar on the Mera Peak gathered in Kathmandu. The group is waiting in readiness at the airport when it will open registration to Lukla.          

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Bad weather in the mountains. The team of the 7 summits Club passed Manaslu base camp due to bad weather

23/10/2017 12:07

Guide the 7 Summits Club on the track "Around Manaslu" Andrey Berezin: All night and all morning it rained. Wet trail, snow on the mountains. Tomorrow we will continue our journey to the pass Larkya La. And today we decided not to go into the clouds to the base camp Manaslu.       ...

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Our trekking expedition approaches the base camp of Manaslu

21/10/2017 22:11

A Guide of the 7 Summits Club on the trek "Around Manaslu" Andrey Berezin: Hello! The group is moving successfully to Manaslu. Day after tomorrow we plan to visit the base camp. Unfortunately, one member left the group due to back pain. Thanks Mingma Gela Sherpa for quickly provided transport for ...

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