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Summit!!! "Father and children" climbed to the summit of Kilimanjaro

08/08/2017 20:44

Sergey Larin, guide of 7 summits Club: Kilimanjaro. The sixth day. 7 Aug. Go to the camp to Barafu (4680 m). Despite three nights in the height of 4000 meters, the part of the participants was not feeling very well.   Kilimanjaro. On the seventh day. 8 Aug. Went out at 12 at night. At 8 am we ...

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Now a luck for Andrey Berezin his group is "Pretty snails"

07/08/2017 17:58

Andrey Berezin, head guide of 7 summits Club in the Elbrus region: New group on the Elbrus called himself   as a "Pretty snails". We went to Mount Cheget. Snails went and happy.   - Have you beautiful Girls? - Yes. - Give me two!          

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News from the Alps: started two new projects of the 7 Summits Club...

07/08/2017 16:39

Group of   the Mountain school of the 7 Summits Club began preparations for the ascent of Mont Blanc with lessons in the "rock lab."     And the couple Iana and Anton (the wedding was August 5) plan to climb the Matterhorn. The preparation for this ascent they began with ...

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SUMMIT! The second team is reached the top of peak Lenin! Alex Abramov the second time in the season

06/08/2017 19:03

  Hello! Abramov Alexander informs   directly from the summit   of Lenin peak. Second team of the 7 Summits Club climbed to the top. It   is Belkovich Vladimir, Sasha Utvenko, Sasha Sobolenko, Natasha Matusova and their guide Abramov Alexander. So.... Perfect weather, ...

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Photos from an ascent on Mont Blanc by our instructor Artem

05/08/2017 20:41

Group of the 7 Summits Club worked on the program "Climbing   Mont Blanc" at 29.07 - 05.08. 2017. After a course of training and acclimatization, the team made a summit attempt on the highest mountain of the Alps. Unfortunately, the weather on the summit day was bad. Cold, wind and lack of ...

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Today, our team under the leadership of Alex Abramov goes to camp 3 on Lenin peak

05/08/2017 08:49

  Hello! This is Alex Abramov from Lenin peak. Yesterday there was very bad weather, the 4th of August. It was snowing hard,   it was a furious wind. Today the wind calms down, the weather is good, no clouds. Today, our team moved to the third camp, the upper camp at 6100 meters on top of ...

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Summit !!! Program Blitz the result is brilliant

05/08/2017 08:36

  Alexander Dorozhkov, guide of the 7 Summits Club: Team Blitz made the ascent to the summit of Mount Elbrus. Although Anna was a little sick we all came out wonderfully!      

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Two of our group climbed today to the top of Mount Elbrus

04/08/2017 19:20

Andrey Berezin, guide of the 7 Summits Club on Elbrus: a group called " .net" today climbed the West   summit of Elbrus.     Hello! Here is a guide of 7 Summits Club Vladimir Kotlyar..... Behind me is the Brazilian team of   the 7 Summits Club. We summited   Mount ...

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Olga Rumyantseva about trekking in the mountains of Tien-Shan

03/08/2017 23:59

Olga Rumyantseva, guide of the 7 summits Club:   news about our trekking "To the heart of Tien Shan". In 10 days our team went about 100 kms in the mountains of Tien Shan. We crossed rivers by wading, crawling through the moraine and walked the glaciers. And 12 people climbed to the top of the ...

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Alexander Abramov from the camp 4400 under Lenin peak: the second group is ready to leave for the summit

03/08/2017 00:33

  Just called Alexander Abramov from the camp 1 (4400) at the peak of Lenin. All six participants of the second group feel great and ready to start tomorrow to climb to camp 2. And then they will go to the peak Razdelnaya, to camp 3 and then to the summit. However, at the moment, there is ...

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Sergey Larin will lead a large group on Kilimanjaro. A group called "Fathers and sons"

03/08/2017 00:27

  The group "Fathers and sons" starts the program on Kilimanjaro. I could not   remember whether it was the same name before, but now it correctly reflects the composition of the participants. In the group there are four children from 11 to 15 years...    

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Two groups of 7 summits Club were training today on the slopes of Elbrus

01/08/2017 21:32

Hello! This is Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of   the 7 summits Club. Today is the second acclimatization and training day for two our international groups on the Elbrus - directly on the slopes of this big mountain. We are working at a height of 4100,   near the refuge of the Eleven, learn ...

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Nikita and Savva Kalashnovs climbed Mont Blanc

01/08/2017 17:15

Day 5 - 4810 m! Thank God we managed to sleep! After a cup of tea and a sandwich with jam, we dressed and went out onto the path. We we're not the first group to go out so we could see people's flashlights in the pitch darkness, that way we could see what was in front of us. After an hour's ...

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A new joint project of the 7 summits Club and Poseidon Expedition company! Join us!

31/07/2017 21:27

A unique journey on Board the world's most powerful nuclear-powered icebreaker "50 let Pobedy". The tour starts in Murmansk. From here, you go to the geographic North Pole. The cruise itinerary takes you through the legendary archipelago of Franz-Joseph. You will have the opportunity to arrange the ...

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News from the peak from Lyudmila Korobeshko. The second group met with Alex Abramov. Photos from the ascent of the first group

31/07/2017 15:25

Lyudmila Korobeshko reports from the camp 1 under Lenin peak: the Second group met with their leader Alexander Abramov to camp 1 (4400). It was the 30th of July. Alexander went with the first group after a successful ascent, and the second group had a great acclimatization under the leadership of ...

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Two new groups are acclimatized on Mount Elbrus

31/07/2017 14:52

Vladimir Kotlyar with a group from Brazil had an acclimatization walk to the waterfall "Girlish braids". And another international group under the leadership of Andrey Berezin climbed the slopes of mount Cheget...                  

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Victor Zelentsov: historic ascent to the highest volcano of Asia Mount Damavand

31/07/2017 13:43

The idea of a trip was born for a reason. Nikolai Wasilewski, my great-grandfather, in the body of Russian troops was in the Persian land, fulfilling the mission of a military doctor. 100 years later, I had the opportunity to be in the Persia, now Iran, to drive on the same roads, see the same city, ...

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Nikita and Savva Kalashnov climbed Refuge du Goûter

30/07/2017 23:36

We started our climb early in the morning and approximately 8.30 we were at the final station of the Mont Blanc tram called Nid D'aigle (2380m). In front of us waited 7 hours of climbing through Refuge de Téte Rousse (3187m) to Refuge du Goûter (3863m) from where we would have to climb ...

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A short film by Eugene Lesnitsky about an expedition to Ecuador

29/07/2017 22:48

In April 2017 a small group of 7 summits Club under the guidance of Olga Rumyantseva traveled to Ecuador. The goal was, of course, volcanoes. But also important was the acquaintance with the original lifestyle of Equatorial countries, that President named Lenin. Weather conditions did not allow the ...

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Valery Rozov becomes first to ever BASE jump 6,768m Huascarán in South America

28/07/2017 21:41

Valery Rozov has successfully completed the highest BASE jump in South America in his quest to leap from the highest suitable peak on every continent on the planet. The expedition was organized by the 7 Summit Club.   The Russian took five days to climb Huascarán in Peru, which stands ...

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