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The group Alpa-Ko of Ludmila Korobeshko coped with overcoming the " Road of death

05/04/2018 09:22

Lyudmila Korobeshko, group guide, Director of the Club 7 Tops:  Hello from Bolivia Asay from Me and our group of al-Ko! Late last night we finally returned from the Atacama desert, where we found the valley of geysers at an altitude of almost 5000M, the Dali desert, stone figures, warm springs ...

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Our Sherpas are dressed in new super combinezons. Nice photos from Kathmandu

02/04/2018 21:40

A whole army of our Sherpas, local guides, high-altitude porter, cooks and their assistants received new sets of clothes made by Red Fox. It is a proper form for working in severe high altitude conditions. Judging by their faces, the new things suited to taste. Beautiful clothes oblige to good ...

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Svalbard: impressions and photos from Grigory Kuznetsov

02/04/2018 19:26

Grigory Kuznetsov and his wife Anastasia made a trip to Svalbard and after the trip sent us a report with photos:  Separately, I would like to praise Your partners from the center of Arctic tourism Grumant. The tour is organized very efficiently, excellent logistics, food, accommodation, ...

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Photos from climbing Kilimanjaro by a group called " the Unstoppable

31/03/2018 19:07

Artem Rostovtsev, guide of the 7 Summits Club:  Kilimanjaro. Team Unstoppable. Yesterday there was the top of mountain, and as it turned out - in the perfect weather window. Today there was a successful descent into civilization. One regret, our Japanese film crew was a little behind and had ...

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Summit! The team of Ludmila Korobeshko climbed to the top of Huayna Potosi

31/03/2018 07:11

Ludmila Korobeshko, a group guide, director of the 7 Summits Club:  Hello everyone from Bolivia! Again from La Paz. Today we all together, like one, climbed to the top of Mount Huayna Potosi. All  people were in shock and delight! Previously, the boys had as a  favorite mountain ...

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SUMMIT!!! The indomitable team of Artem Rostovtsev climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro ahead of the plan!

30/03/2018 16:45

Artem Rostovtsev from Tansania: Kilimanjaro. A Team named The indomitables. Yesterday we were to reach the camp of Karanga, but could not. To be more precise, we did not stop, as planned. We went higher to the camp of Barafu, the assault camp. One word - we are indomitable. No arguments worked, ...

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Photos from the Crimean paradise, where it is already spring - and the May Days it will be summer

30/03/2018 16:27

Some more photos from the Crimean paradise, which was opened by the Brazilian adventurer named Alberto. After a tiring hike, Alberto spent the day 'culturally' with guide Evgeny Ochkin in the Livadia Palace. The weather is lovely, spring, everywhere smells of flowering almonds, plums, jasmine! ...

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Photos of the preparation of the expedition on Everest from Nepal

28/03/2018 22:56

Preparation for Everest is in full swing. See for yourself, evaluate the scale of the expedition and the amount of preparatory work ...                  Alexander Abramov on the channel Russia1. Interesting conversation turned out  Alexander Abramov ...

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Expedition of Viktor Simonov at the start, gives an interview to the press

28/03/2018 11:11

The team of Viktor Simonov arrived at the launch point at the Cape Arctichesky. Everything is fine… Every day we receive reports on ice conditions and weather conditions. Even in flight, we monitored the situation. It is better to see for yourself. According to forecasts, everything is fine. ...

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Why Everest to have comfort or we make reaching the top more guaranteed!

27/03/2018 06:50

The experience of our 14 expeditions to Everest suggests the following: conditions of rest during acclimatization are essential for success. The climber should restore his strength as much as possible, should not get sick, should keep his high moral spirit and desire to go to the end. To do this, ...

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A group of Lyudmila Korobeshko visited the wonderful places of Bolivia, at altitudes up to 4000 meters. This is acclimatization

27/03/2018 04:23

Lyudmila Korobeshko, group guide, Director of the 7 Summits Club:  Hello from Bolivia from the Lake of Titicaca! We've been traveling Bolivia for three days. Today we made an easy trekking through the Sun island in the heart of lake Titicaca. In the morning we left La Paz. Already on the shore ...

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Kilimanjaro continues. The group of Artem Rostovtsev starts to the route. And photos from "Transformers group

26/03/2018 20:32

Today, the 7 Summits Club continued its series of expeditions on Kilimanjaro. A group led by our guide Artem Rostovtsev comes on the route of climbing to the highest peak of Africa.  And although the forecasts are not the most favorable (promise heavy rainfall every day), we do not lose ...

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Photos by Alexander Abramov about the preparation of the expedition on Everest

24/03/2018 19:29

Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club, the leader of the expedition on Everest: 2 days ago I arrived in Nepal to check the readiness of our expedition "Everest 2018". This year we do a Luxury camp: tents with beds, heaters etc… Also our favorite chef from Antarctica Patricio ...

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TRANS-Siberian expedition "To Happy People - 2018" finished. All are at home! Congratulations!

21/03/2018 20:24

Andrey Mikhaylenko:  It is the final day. On March 19th,  after one month and two days, the expedition finished in the place of its start. 12520 km were left behind, of which about 1000  by winter roads, 700 km of taiga and river bends on a snowmobile. We did it! All goals and ...

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We continue to publish photos of Sergei Shishkin: national parks and Zanzibar

21/03/2018 18:22

It is promised continuation. Two galleries of photos from Sergei Shishkin. So, Tanzania, the month of March. After quite a winter ascent to the top of Kilimanjaro, the group goes to visit dreamed from childhood African animals. And then, basking in the Sands of Zanzibar…    Photo ...

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On Everest to eat as in the best restaurant! New facts about our "Everest luxury camp"....

20/03/2018 06:25

D you want to know what other surprises have prepared tireless Alex Abramov for the upcoming expedition to Everest this spring? See below for sensational news! Soon we are going to farewell an expedition of 7 Summits Club on Everest. We wish them good luck, that is, weather and health. And good ...

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March 20th the official start of a unique snowmobile expedition NORTH POLE 2018

19/03/2018 15:26

The 7 Summits Club welcomes our friends, who organized this unique expedition. We will follow with excitement and great interest the news, the progress of the group to the North Pole.  NORTH POLE 2018 is a joint project of the Expedition center of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian ...

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From the Brazilian autumn in Crimean spring. Alberto is the first in our climbing school in Crimea

19/03/2018 12:24

Natasha Kartashova, guide of 7 summits Club, head of our Crimean programs: Greetings from the Mountain school of the Crimea! Our team met an unusual guest English-speaking German, originally from Brazil. Alberto already hugging the Crimean pine, walking under the spray of the waterfall Uchan-su, ...

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270 + 52 excellent photos of climbing Kilimanjaro from Constantin Dyrgiallo

16/03/2018 20:19

Thanks to Constantin Dyrgiallo, who sent us a selection of photos illustrating the trip of his group on the Kilimanjaro! Excellent quality work! As we promised, we have published the main part of the photos in a separate gallery… Safari gallery (52 photos) See the full gallery here (270 ...

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The report of Vladimir Kotlyar about climbing the Carstensz Pyramid, with photos of Irina Zisman

16/03/2018 18:57

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of the 7 Summits Club talks about the recent visit to the island of Papua.    Team of the 7 Summits Club, consisting of Irina Zisman, Michael Kornev, Gregory Sadetsky and Vladimir Kotlyar visited several places in Western part of the island of Papua New Guinea ...

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