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A new group on Aconcagua received permits and a name - "Hussar ballad”

05/02/2018 17:26

 Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of the 7 Summits Club: Good morning! The 7 Summits Club continues its season on Aconcagua. A new Group named "Hussar ballad" is in Mendoza, we are preparing to go to the mountains…  Today the group "Hussar ballad" received permits and we are ready to move ...

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News and photos on Kilimanjaro from Mikhail Nitishinsky

05/02/2018 17:13

Mikhail Nitishinsky from Tanzania: "On February 3th at 6: 16 AM we climbed up to Uhuru peak. Hurray! The day before that, I managed to scatter, with a temperature of 38.5, hunk and a complete lack of appetite. But somehow I was able to mobilize myself and... And it worked."       ...

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Pictures from the ascent on Ojos del Salado by Vasily Shakhnovsky

02/02/2018 11:24

On 29 January, a large group of  the 7 Summits Club under the leadership of guides of Sergey Larin and Artem Rostovtsev climbed to the top of the highest volcano in the world Mount Ojos del Salado. Among the participants was Vasily Shakhnovsky, in the company of close friends. We present here ...

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Team "How to catch a raccoon" has received awards for his successful ascent on Aconcagua

01/02/2018 20:22

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of the 7 Summits Club presented our medals to the members of the Aconcagua team. The group, which called itself  "How to catch a raccoon", climbed to the highest peak in South America on January 29.                     ...

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Photos from a training session of the Mountain school on the climbing wall DDS

31/01/2018 15:46

Yesterday, 30 January 2018, another training session was held on the climbing wall DDS. The group was divided again into 2 parts: advanced students and beginners. Beginners learn to belay and properly placed feet, and more advanced participants mastered climbing with a rope belay and coached speed ...

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Great video about climbing Kilimanjaro plus photos

31/01/2018 14:19

Group of Eugene Staroselsky made the ascent on the summit of Kilimanjaro on January 24 of this year. After the tour, we got  this wonderful video clip and photographs. Author: Roman Starykovych....                           ...

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Photos and a short report about the ascent of the second group on Ojos del Salado

30/01/2018 19:31

Artem Rostovtsev, a guide of the 7 Summits Club: Yesterday, a group of "Check and mate" (who called us?), all members stood on the top of Ojos Del Salado. All who went up, all got the summit. Nine persons, all together, in unison, not separately. Even some short period of acclimatization did not ...

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Photos of the summit bid on Aconcagua from a group of Vladimir Kotlyar

29/01/2018 22:52

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of the 7 Summits Club: the group of "How to catch a raccoon" successfully climbed Mount Aconcagua! All members of the group and the guides reached the summit.                

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SUMMIT! A collective report from the summit of Aconcagua

29/01/2018 00:22

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of the 7 Summits Club, from the summit of Aconcagua: Aloha, Seven Summits! ....  The team "How to catch a raccoon" ... stands on the summit of Aconcagua! Further – emotions…  Listen to the voice mail:  

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SUMMIT! The first group of the 7 summits Club climbed to the top of Ojos del Salado.

29/01/2018 00:03

  Hello! Here is Alexander Abramov, the expedition Ojos del Salado. Today, 28 January, our first group of 12 people reached the summit, under the leadership of three guides – Alexander Abramov, Ivan Dusharin and Victor Yershov.  12 people made the ascent on Ojos del Salado. Two ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar with a group started to climb the summit of Aconcagua. They spend the night at Nido de Condores

27/01/2018 09:07

Aloha, everyone! This is Vladimir Kotlyar, Valeriy Myasoedov and the "How to catch a raccoon".  Raccoon we haven't caught, but successfully returned to Nido de Condores, 5500. Here we live and spend a night. Now we are preparing dinner, before that, we had a big lunch. Overall, the resort ...

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Photos from the climb to the peak of Batian from Andrey Yerokhin and Anna Rybakova

26/01/2018 13:01

Andrey Yerokhin, a professional mountain guide from Kyrgyzstan and one of the best friends of the 7 Summits Club Anna Rybakova climbed one of the objects of the program of 7 summits Club, which we called "Seven super-mountains". The highest peak of Mount Kenya is called Batian and it has no easy ...

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Summit! News from Tanzania. A message from Eugene Staroselsky

25/01/2018 19:54

Eugene Staroselsky, the head of the group: Good day! Everything is fine. 30 minutes ago we got back to the hotel. 24 Jan at 7.40 the whole team was on the top…  

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Summit! Photos and videos from a group of Dmitry Ermakov

25/01/2018 16:39

On 24 January a group of Dmitry Ermakov in full  climbed to the top of Kilimanjaro on the Machame route. Congratulations! Down the valley they sent several pictures and a beautiful video…                             ...

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Artem Rostovtsev from the expedition on Ojos del Salado: today we did an acclimatization climb to the top of Mount San Francisco

25/01/2018 07:45

    Hello, Seven Summits! Here Atacama says,  by voice of Artem     Rostovtsev. We have a second day standing at Laguna Verde.  And we made two acclimatization outings. Yesterday we went to the slopes of the mountain Mulas Muertas... Today we had an amazing rise to the ...

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Lots of photos from members of the expedition on Kilimanjaro 3-11 January 2018

24/01/2018 21:21

 Thank you to the participants of the first our big team this year on Kilimanjaro! After return home they sent us a huge number of photos. Many of the photos  are similar to the ones we had, but there are  lots original. In addition, what is unique – that is  the people, ...

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The group of Vladimir Kotlyar spent a night at Nido de Condores. Photos

24/01/2018 19:32

Everyone, good evening! This is Vladimir Kotlyar, Valeriy Myasoedov and the "How to catch a raccoon" group. Raccoon we have not yet caught one, but went up to Nido de Condores. It's height is about five and a half thousand metres above sea level. Here we have a small encampment of three tents, our ...

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Oleg Pimenovs sent a picture directly from the top of Kilimanjaro

23/01/2018 11:57

Oleg Pimenovs ran to the summit of Kilimanjaro in front of a local guide, for 5.30, in a light "Zanzibar" gear. He even went to Zanzibar. But don't miss the opportunity to escape to the highest peak of Africa. Congratulations!    

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Summit! Group of Alexander Abramov has climbed to the top of San Francisco for acclimatization

23/01/2018 07:32

Hello! Alexander Abramov from the expedition Ojos del Salado. Today our team went by car to the Pass of San Francisco. And then we scored a height of about 200 metres over rough terrain, rock almost. After that, we continued the ascent on foot. It was climbing for the purpose of acclimatization ...

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Another medal for climbing Kilimanjaro has its owners

22/01/2018 22:11

On Friday evening, 19 Jan 2018 another award and a medal for successful climb on the highest summit of Africa - Kilimanjaro (5895 m) found their heroes. This time they are Roman Venediktov and Olga Samotoina, climbed on Kilimanjaro in the new year's eve.  CONGRATULATIONS AND WISH THEM FURTHER ...

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