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Watch unique pictures from our expedition on Manaslu! Tomorrow – we go to base camp

11/09/2017 18:47

  Alexander Abramov, the head of the Manaslu expedition, from Samagaun village:   News of the expedition Manaslu 2017 - the 7 Summits Club. Today it was a great day. We met a Horse-a Centipede! We walked to the monastery at 4050m for acclimatization. The views were so fantastic, see ...

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A new group of Andrei Berezin called themselves "Snow white and the seven dwarfs" and  begins of the acclimatization

11/09/2017 13:12

Andrey Berezin, head guide of the 7 Summits Club in the Elbrus region: team "Snow white and the seven dwarfs" made acclimatization on the slopes of Cheget.   In the Elbrus region there is Indian summer and we are enjoying the wonderful weather...            

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The team of the 7 summits Club started acclimatization at the foot of Manaslu. PHOTO AND VIDEO

10/09/2017 16:06

Alexander Abramov, the leader of the expedition Manaslu, from Samagaun village: Diary of the expedition to Manaslu 2017 - the 7 summits Club.   Today morning started with the screaming on the street. At first I thought that there is always here in the morning. But when I got up and went ...

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Summit! Girls from Mountain school in the Crimea climbed mountain Koshka

09/09/2017 19:35

Natalia Kartashova, guide of the 7 Summits Club in the Crimea: the Second day of the Mountain schools in the Crimea! Mountain Koshka climb. Our favorite route here is the "Ant trail". Sasha and Masha heroically overcame all difficulties and reached the top. Beautiful route over the sea abyss ! ...

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Our team successfully flew by helicopter to the village Samagaun

09/09/2017 12:15

Today the team of 7 summits Club successfully flew by helicopter to the village Samagaun 3500m, at the foot of Mount Manaslu. Here we found several expeditions, the work is in full for shipping packages to the Base Camp.   Amd we met a very pleasant atmosphere of Nepalese village. Our mountain ...

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The final day in Kathmandu, leader and the members had a different day. Tomorrow morning - flight to base camp. VIDEO and PHOTO

08/09/2017 22:10

Alexander Abramov, the leader of the expedition to Manaslu, Kathmandu:   That was my last day in Kathmandu. I'm not swimming, not sunbathing - all day I was getting Internet modem Thuraya IP+. The result   there will be   Internet at the Base camp! Ours! Personally! Only for us. The ...

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SUMMIT! The group of Andrey Berezin "Sudden North" made a successful ascent of MT Elbrus! WONDERFUL PICTURES!

08/09/2017 12:38

Andrey Berezin, head guide of the 7 Summits Club Elbrus:   the Second autumn ascent on Elbrus happened! The group "Sudden North" is now on the East summit of Elbrus. The whole team reached the summit. Today nature gave us relatively warm September day. And it was   almost calm – 35 ...

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A message from Alexander Abramov: the team is ready to depart to the mountains. PHOTOS

07/09/2017 22:48

Alexander Abramov, the leader of the expedition to Manaslu, from Kathmandu: Today we met the main part of our team. Now almost all expedition climbers are here. Then we gave our personal goods to the helicopter for lifting it to the base camp. We worked for a movie, and simply enjoyed the meeting. ...

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The birth of the project "Seven paintings in seven highest peaks in the world" by Anastasia Dobrovolskaya

07/09/2017 17:37

  Yesterday, the the 7 summits Club welcomed a guest. Artist, Vice-President of the Union of Russian Abstractionist, Anastasia Dobrovolskaya brought her picture painted on the edge of the crater of the highest volcano of Africa – Kilimanjaro.       Climbing Mount ...

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News from Manaslu expedition of the 7 Summits Club: second part of our team arrived in Kathmandu

06/09/2017 21:28

Alexander Abramov, expedition leader: Today the second part of the team of 7 summits Club came to Kathmandu. They are   our guides and movie crew. All team members are very happy to be back in Nepal. And that baggage is not lost on the road. Expedition leader Alexander Abramov met a team with ...

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Valiant finish of the season on Mont Blanc: Natalia Bykovskaya climbed to the top with record time!

06/09/2017 12:22

  Natalia guided by Dmitry climbed to the top of Mont Blanc from the refuge of Gouter   for 4 hours 30 minutes. So fast our girls this season didn't run on the highest peak of the Alps. Congratulations to Natalia Bykovsky and her guide! So this season in Mont Blanc   for the 7 ...

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Anniversary on the Mount Olympus! Congratulations Vladimir Gusakovsky!

04/09/2017 22:16

The 7 Summits Club congratulates one of the most active our climbing clients – Vladimir   Gusakovsky! We wish him good health and new memorable travel! He meets it on Mount Olympus   trek in the family circle. Vladimir and Tatiana will climb the highest mountain in Greece – ...

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We have got a permit, the expedition 7 summits Club on Manaslu overcame the first obstacle on the way to the summit

04/09/2017 15:14

Alexander Abramov from Nepal: in the program of preparation for expedition Everest 2018, we received a permit   for "7 Summits Club"   for Manaslu 8156 m. All the goods of the expedition, 8 Sherpas and 2 cooks have already been delivered by helicopter to the Base camp. 13 members - a ...

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A message from Andrei Berezin: the ascent of Elbrus from the North began

04/09/2017 12:41

Andrey Berezin, head guide of 7 summits Club in the Elbrus region: the "North Sudden" beginning of the acclimation program in the Northern Elbrus region. We are now on the Mushrooms. At the moment it is the only place where there is a connection. Therefore, all participants are engaged in dialogue ...

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Summit! The first autumn climb on Mount Elbrus by a group Andrey Berezin

02/09/2017 20:23

Andrey Berezin, head guide of the 7 Summits Club Elbrus: so, despite all the disasters in the mountains of Elbrus, a few days of bad weather (and today was also the first half of the day the storm), a group of Pioneers climbed to the Western summit of Elbrus! While at the top the weather was ...

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Anastasia Dobrovolskaya: how I painted an abstract painting on the top of  Mount Kilimanjaro

31/08/2017 18:08

Photo report about how I climbed Kilimanjaro and at an altitude of over 5700 meters, painted the world's first high-altitude painting... Anastasia Dobrovolskaya – artist, Vice President of the Union of Russian Abstractionist...   We are at the top. This is 1st summit (Gillmans Point) - ...

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The new film "Antarctica" by Alexey Balakin

31/08/2017 15:17

Alexey Balakin climbed to the highest summit of Antarctica Mount Vinson in 20162017 in the group of the 7 Summits Club under the leadership of Alexander Abramov... Thanks for the movie!  

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Elena Konareva: photos and impressions of an expedition to Stok Kangri in the Indian Himalayas

30/08/2017 14:50

In the app - a few photos from the trip to Leh. There are more impressions from the trip… a lot more. Ladakh is all forgiving atmosphere of real Tibetan Buddhism is multifaceted, multinational Leh, where I live next to Hindus, Tibetans, Ladakhi, Chinese, -   friendly and smiling people, ...

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We published a photo gallery of Valeria Glazyrin dedicated to an ascent on Mont Blanc (82 photos)

29/08/2017 21:39

  Valeriy Glazyrin climbed the highest peak in the Alps Mont Blanc in the group of   the 7 Summits Club under our program from 6th to 13 th of August....   ... And presented us with a selection of 82 photographs, beautifully illustrating the route of ascent...   photo gallery ...

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Experiment on Elbrus: climbing with oxygen as preparation for Everest. And not only that ...

29/08/2017 11:18

Alexander Abramov, President of   the 7 Summits Club:   August 28 th   at 5:30 we climbed to the top of Mount Elbrus with artificial oxygen. In preparation for the expedition Everest 2018, the team of   the 7 Summits Club held a new "Oxygen Experiment". Without ...

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