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SUMMIT!!! Group "Timon, Pumbaa and friends" climbed the West summit of Elbrus. PHOTOS

28/07/2017 19:24

A Guide of the 7 Summits Club in the Elbrus region Andrey Berezin: Today, a group  "Timon, Pumbaa and friends" and the two friends climbed the Western Peak of Elbrus. Congratulations another international team with this success!        

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Nikita and Savva Kalashnov are preparing for Mont Blanc climb in Chamonix. PHOTOS

28/07/2017 09:45

Day 1 (1020 m) with Savva Kalashnov Chamonix met us with heavy rain and low clouds. But even in this weather you could see the mountain range that was rising up into the clouds and beyond. The clouds were covering the majestic beauty, but even then the view was amazing! The weather forecast for the ...

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SUMMIT!!! Alexander Abramov sends a message from the summit of Lenin peak!

27/07/2017 15:54

Hello,  7 Summits Club! Today, despite the strong wind, rainy weather, all our team members, namely the three guides and six members of the first group, climbed to the summit of Lenin Peak. It was very hard. To be honest, I didn't expect it would be so hard... But the team showed fantastic and ...

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Summit!!! The team of 7 summits Club climbed the Kazbek!

27/07/2017 13:33

A message from our guide Shota Komakhidze: The weather was good as seen on photos. Two climbers climbed to the top, the rest could not. For them the mountain was harder than they expected. ... And then they decided to go back down. Physically unable just...          

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Snow covered Mont Blanc in a thick layer. Our group is in thought

26/07/2017 20:30

Groups "Alex - Arthur" and "Bogdan -   Vadim" are in the hut Cosmique. The weather is good, but there is no road up there. The snow reaches a depth of 60 centimeters. We will be  thinking twice.  There are few people in the hut. In the morning, no one is going to go up...   ...

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The second group of the 7 Summit Club to Lenin peak met in the base camp a true heroic man

24/07/2017 23:31

Natalia Matusova wrote on Facebook: Lenin peak base camp (3800). Meet at the end of the table, just having down from the summit of Lenin peak and had 25 first ascent to this peak, Boris Korshunov. This veteran of nearly 82 years (born 31 August 1935), it is a unique 9-time "Snow leopard". At the ...

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Alex Abramov from the camp 1 on the slopes of Lenin peak: the team is preparing for the ascent. The prognosis is excellent!

24/07/2017 21:21

Hello! This is Alex Abramov from the first camp under Lenin peak. Our entire team of six participants and three guides,  is going tomorrow to start for summit assault . Tomorrow we climb to a height of 5300 meters, to the so-called "Frying Pan". Then we will ascend to camp at 6100 and from ...

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A new group has started for acclimatization on the slopes of Elbrus. PHOTOS

24/07/2017 19:11

Guide the 7 summits Club in the Elbrus region Andrey Berezin: Today, a new group called "Timon, Pumbaa and friends" began its program in the Elbrus region. The day we visited the slopes of Cheget...          

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The team of Olga Rumyantseva goes to the mountains. To you in return!

24/07/2017 09:45

This morning we got acquainted with the ancient architecture of the city of Karakol – with a mosque, built in the style of a Chinese pagoda and a wooden Church built without nails. And now we finally go up into the mountains, and we will no longer be connected until return. So we could't show ...

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SUMMIT!!! Group "Masha and three bears" coped with the wind and climbed Elbrus

21/07/2017 19:39

Guide of the 7 summits Club in the Elbrus region Andrey Berezin: Today there was a busy day for the group "Masha and bears". In the morning Elbrus showed his temper and wind reached gusts of 50 km / h. Therefore, we applied the method of transportation of the yacht techniques, namely the tacks! ...

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Group Alexander Abramov is climbing to the Razdelnaya Peak. Hello from the height of 5800!

21/07/2017 11:44

Alexander Abramov, the leader of the expedition of the 7 summits Club on Lenin peak: Today our group spent the night at the altitude of 5300 m, the so-called "Pan". Basically, all the participants feel good. Now we  are climbing to the Razdelnaya Peak – 6100 meters. The goal is ...

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Summit!!! Father and son Maikovs made a successful ascent of Kazbek!

20/07/2017 14:56

Gennadiy Maikov with son Vladislav had reached the summit of Mount Kazbek and successfully went down.  A message from our Georgian guide Shota Komakhidze.  ... yesterday we went out at half past two, because first it was raining... We went out, in principle, by the time, everything is ...

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Alexander Abramov from the camp 4400: Acclimatization goes according to plan, tomorrow an outing on the 5300

19/07/2017 19:28

Hello! Alexander Abramov from the expedition to Lenin peak, from the camp at 4400. Our whole team feels good. Tomorrow we are going to go to the camp at an altitude of 5300 meters. It will be the first real climbing day with crampons and ropes. Weather, frankly, is not good. Today is the first time ...

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"For one thing for only Safari is to go to Tanzania" Magjan Sagimbayev about the expedition, Kazgeo

18/07/2017 15:02

 The leader of the expedition of the Kazakh Geographical society Magjan Sagimbayev: After a successful ascent to Kilimanjaro, the group went on a Safari through the parks of Tanzania. We visited the valley of the Tarangire river, which is famous for its baobab trees and elephants. As well as a ...

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The team of Alexander Abramov made his first climbing during the expedition to Lenin Peak

17/07/2017 22:52

In preparation for the expedition Everest – 2018, for acclimatization before climbing Lenin peak, our team made a "first ascent" at the peak Grekov, a height of 4000 meters. We named this peak in honor of our friend (Dmitry Grekov – head of the company AK-SAI). This is just gendarme in ...

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The team of Alex Abramov arrived to the base camp Achik-Tash program Lenin peak

17/07/2017 05:58

Our team, having driven 6 hours from Osh, came to the camp Achik-Tash.  It is a very comfortable and thoughtful camp of the AK-SAI company. We are all very pleased. Also the weather is bad now. It is raining. I met hare a lot of friends. Basically they are guides my age ) and younger. Of ...

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The entire team of climbers of the expedition the 7 summits Club on peak Lenin in the Osh

16/07/2017 07:05

Alexander Abramov, the leader of the expedition 7 summits Club on Lenin peak: Today our team, all the participants gathered in Osh. We went to the Museum located in the cave. Then climbed the whole mountain Suleimanca. After lunch we visited the famous local market. And we even managed to pack for ...

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SUMMIT!!! The group of Andrei Berezin climbed Western Peak of Elbrus!

14/07/2017 21:18

A group called "7-I" today climbed the Western  summit of Mount Elbrus... the Weather was good enough, all the participants reached the highest point and happily went down to the hotel. On the way, we remembered that today was Bastille Day, for us, it was held not in vain.       ...

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Summit !!! A group of Kazakh Geographic Society, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and have returned home. Everyone is happy!

14/07/2017 20:22

News Kilimanjaro from Magjan Sagimbayev. The group has already returned home. Everybody will be happy. Now you only have to remember how it was and choose a new vertex.  Almost verbatim from Magjan:  "Everything went super. There was the little moments with mountain sickness, but the tour ...

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SUMMIT !!! Igor Borisov climbed the highest peak in the Alps Mont Blanc

14/07/2017 11:41

Igor Borisov yesterday ascended Mont Blanc, showing persistence and perseverance in the hellish wind. From the hut  Cosmique and back again. One from their group.  He took a flag of the 7 Summits Club. But I was afraid to get it out a sack. The muzzle very much!        

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