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Photo gallery from Mikhail Sandakov. And video Winter conditions on Kilimanjaro in March

13/03/2018 19:32

Mikhail Sandakov and his group made an ascent to the top of Kilimanjaro on March 7th  this year. After returning home, he sent us a large selection of photos, for which we express our gratitude!   Full photo gallery: 110 photos and 3 videos…   Video by Alexey Gribkov   ...

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What's new about our Everest expedition that starts in April? Photos and videos

12/03/2018 23:38

  Less than a month remains before the departure on Everest of the team of  the 7 Summits Club under the leadership of Alexander Abramov. It will be our 15th expedition, and it will be the largest in terms of quantity, almost 40 people.  But equally important are changes in quality of ...

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Summit! Kilimanjaro goes on vacation. The story of the adventures of the final group of the season. Photos and videos

12/03/2018 20:12

A group of 5 people climbed Kilimanjaro on March 7, 2018. The entire journey lasted from 3 to 9 March. The team members reached the top in the conditions of heavy snowfall, not typical for this time and the region. But they did it and the difficulty only united the group!  CONGRATULATIONS!!! ...

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Summit! The first spring ascent to Jebel Tubkal is made in winter conditions

11/03/2018 20:29

Alexander Tishkov, a guide of the 7 Summits Club from Morocco: Today, a group of the 7 Summits Club climbed Toubkal.  The weather was difficult, strong wind and frost. This Is Africa!    

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Photos from climbing the Pyramid Carstensz

09/03/2018 09:16

The team of Vladimir Kotlyar successfully climbed to the highest point! Greetings from Vladimir Kotlyar, Mikhail Kornev, Georgy Sadetsky and Irina Zisman from the base camp of Mount Carstensz!                               ...

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Photo and video greetings from our teams returning from Kilimanjaro

07/03/2018 06:24

Here are photos from our international group (members gathered from Russia, Turkey, Latvia), which managed to climb to the top almost in full  stuff to the top (Uhuru peak, 5,895 m).   Photos by Igor Kharkiv...               Further photos from Alice ...

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Our group in Papua is ready to fly under Carstensz Pyramid, waiting for the helicopter

07/03/2018 05:21

Vladimir Kotlyar, a Guide of  the 7 Summits Club: Our group continues their adventures in Papua, while the Papuans had not eaten us))). We made an acclimatization trip with a short walk to the height of 3500. Now we are waiting for a helicopter from Timiku to the base camp of the mountain. ...

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And This is Africa, my friend!!! The unprecedented snowfall on Kilimanjaro! Unique photos and videos!

06/03/2018 19:15

Unprecedented for March, the big snow can be not only in Moscow!  Groups of the 7 Summits Club were in the similar situation on Kilimanjaro. In cold conditions and zero visibility our members and guides tried to get to Uhuru peak. But not everyone succeeded! Someone managed to climb to the top ...

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All-all people need to visit Lake of Baikal! Review of the winter journey

06/03/2018 17:32

We got a review of the trip to Baikal from Mary Minaeva. I would like to express my gratitude for the organized trip. It is indeed deservedly included in the list of the best tour on the planet. Your partners from Irkutsk also deserve all praise. We were the first group this year and all the ...

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Photos of Mikhail Nitishinsky from climbing Kilimanjaro

06/03/2018 16:01

The 7 Summits Club thanks Mikhail Netishinsky for the great selection of quality pictures that he sent us in return from Kilimanjaro!  And for the original slide show. Mikhail visited Tanzania in early February this year, climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and visited national parks, ...

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Video and photos from the group of Vladimir Kotlyar from the depths of Papua

06/03/2018 05:08

The journey of our group under the leadership of Vladimir Kotlyar continues on the territory of the island of New Guinea, or Irian Jaya, as it is officially called. The team of four people made friends with the local "good inside" people, but it's time to do mountaineering. So now on the agenda ...

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The team of our Club together with Alexei Lonchinsky held ice-climbing classes near St. Petersburg

03/03/2018 23:32

Our video.  Alexey Lonchinsky - master of sports in mountaineering, four-time champion of Russia in mountaineering! Alexey trains youth section on mountaineering in St. Petersburg, works as an instructor in Bezengi, has an international award for the best climbing of the year - "Golden Axe". ...

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The team reached New Guinea. From cold - in Equatorial heat. Video and photo

03/03/2018 12:04

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of the 7 Summits Club:  adventures of Russians in Papua begin!!!! We got to Jayapura after long and painful seats in planes and airports. The Papua met by the heat and the greenery. Such a contrast after the Russian frosty winter….  This time we have made ...

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March theses of Alexander Abramov: how to set a record on speed of climbing all "Seven Summits

03/03/2018 10:46

On March 2, Alexander Abramov and Lyudmila Korobeshko showed themselves to the St. Petersburg audience. At the invitation of our friends from the company "Red Fox" they performed in the store Planet Sport. The lecture was originally supposed to be dedicated to the speed record set by team Alpari, ...

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Ivan Dusharin performed at our Club on the first day of spring

03/03/2018 09:27

On March 1th, the hall of the 7 summits Club was crowded. Our small room could barely accommodate all those wishing to attend one of the leading national authorities in mountaineering Ivan Dusharin. Vice-President of Federation of mountaineering of Russia, "Snow leopard", a three-time Everest ...

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Nastya Kuznetsova about some results of the season on Kilimanjaro. The medals are for all climbers! PHOTOS

02/03/2018 22:06

Nastya Kuznetsova, guide and Manager of Club 7 Vershin: News from Tanzania, from the group of Nikolai Sokolov.  And some more information on the end of the season on Kilimanjaro.  Yesterday on March 1th Nikolay Sokolov's group went down from the mountain and returned to civilization where ...

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Summit! The team of Nikolay Sokolov climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

28/02/2018 18:25

A message from Nikolai Sokolov. February 28th, 10: 16. Nikolay Sokolov's team has climbed today to the highest peak of Africa, UHURU peak (5,895 m), all together, and they are now on the descent. Part of the group has already returned to the base camp of Barafu, some still on the way. After 3 ...

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The group, which is preparing for the El Capitan, trains even on weekends

27/02/2018 22:37

Our old friend Boris Egorov returned to the team of coaches of the 7 Summits Club. As the record-holder of Russia, and maybe Europe's, speed climbing on El Capitan's Nose route, he joined the training of the team preparing for Yosemite climbing.   Boris Egorov: Last weekend we held the second ...

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SUMMIT! Mikhail Kornev and Sergey Larin has successfully climbed Orizaba

27/02/2018 13:51

Sergey Larin, guide of The 7 Summits Club from Mexico: Hello! Today 26.02, as it was written in the program, at 13:30, Miguel, Sergio and Julio were on the top of Orizaba. At 22:00 we arrived back toSiapan. Details later, as I want to sleep (we went out to the mountain at 1 a.m.)     ...

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One by one our groups climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

26/02/2018 18:33

Five groups of the 7 Summits Club went to Africa a few days ago. And so we got the first reports of success on Kilimanjaro.  21 Feb Tolkunova Yuliya and Tatyana Osharova successfully summited the highest peak in Africa Kilimanjaro along the shortest and sports route - Marangu at 5 days.   ...

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