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The 7 summits club congratulated Igor Pokhvalin anniversary 60 years!!!

13/10/2017 00:08

The President of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov personally congratulated Igor Pokhvalin 60th birthday directly to his house in Simferopol. Igor is a great person, guide, doctor and member of the expeditions 7 Summits Club. He is a doctor, surgeon, writer and poet, historian and geographer, ...

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Kathmandu is preparing to meet a large group, on the route "Around Manaslu"

12/10/2017 12:24

  Alexander Tishkov, guide of the 7 Summits Club from Nepal: In Nepal we have started the preparations for a meeting of travelers on the program "Trekking around Manaslu". Weather in Kathmandu is lovely. All the Nepalese capital were waiting for the festival of light, "the Duval"....   ...

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Big Nepal season starts. Saturday a big trekking expedition "Around Manaslu" starts from Moscow

10/10/2017 06:04

  From October 14, a large group of 7 summits Club (15 people) goes on a trek around   Manaslu in Nepal. It is noteworthy that our great friend, the legendary Nicholas Cherny person takes part in this expedition. He is Honored master of sports and Senior trainer of the most prominent ...

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Last weekend tour in southern China began

09/10/2017 21:06

One of our active members - Vladimir Gusakovsky with his wife Tatiana Sizikova this time went to China as part of our team group. His Anniversary Vladimir met on Olympus, but Tatiana is not far behind, she chose no less amazing and beautiful place! China! Congratulations to Tatiana on the ...

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Crimean program of Natalia Bojeskova completed successfully. Waiting for new guests!

08/10/2017 22:05

  Natalia Kartashova, head of the Mountain school   in Crimea: a Programme of Mountain school with Natalie Bojeskova ended with a walk through Shtangeevskaya trail, with access to the cross of Stavri-Kai (rocky cliff). After that a descent into the cave was made. All this was accompanied ...

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Alex Abramov: Briefly about the results of the Manaslu expedition and plans of the 7 Summits Club

02/10/2017 18:02

  Alexander Abramov from Nepal: I want to sum up the results of the expedition Manaslu -2017. It was held in preparation for the expedition Everest 2018. All participants, all 9 people and all the Sherpas in the amount of 8 people (in total 17 people) under the leadership of Alexander Abramov ...

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Three videos from Manaslu

02/10/2017 17:39

Expedition Manaslu successfully completed. View three videos about how it was all...                

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The whole team is in the base camp! You can congratulate!!! 29 PHOTOS FROM MANASLU!

29/09/2017 21:09

The second group headed by Alexander Abramov safely descended to the base camp. All the expedition on Manaslu came to an end, with 100 percent success. Congratulations to all participants! Congratulations to the leader and guides! Congratulations to our associate team of Sherpas! Tomorrow the group ...

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SUMMIT! The second group climbed Mount Manaslu and goes down to the base camp

29/09/2017 06:57

Alexander Abramov from Manaslu slopes: Hello! This is Abramov Alexander. We have already gone down from the top! About six o'clock in the morning, Nepal time, today our second team (Abramov, Igor Smirnov and Zigmunt Berdychovsky) have climbed on the top of Manaslu. Also with us there were two ...

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Photos from the top - from the first our group of Manaslu expedition

28/09/2017 22:07

Manaslu peak is a snow cornice, so the total photo can not   be done. On 27 September, the group of the 7 Summits Club was there ...                        

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SUMMIT! The first group climbed Mount Manaslu - all 12 people

28/09/2017 07:51

Alexander Abramov   from Manaslu slopes: Hello! Today at 7-30 in the morning on the Nepalese time, the first group of   the 7 Summits Club, all 12 people, has climbed on Manaslu's top. These are six Sherpas plus Sergey Larin (Head), Volodya Kotlyar, Artem Rostovtsev, Karina Mezova, Alexey ...

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The best video about climbing Damavand from our Iranian friends. LOOK! Less than 4 minutes!

27/09/2017 00:02

  Our Iranian friends sent us this video, a small film that is almost fully illustrates our climbing pregram on the highest volcano of Asia is mount Damavand (5 671 m). In 4 minutes you can plunge into the atmosphere of this mountain and take a virtual climb to the highest summit of Iran. ...

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Group Forex Time hosted the Olympic trekking route and pleases you with fresh photos

26/09/2017 06:46

Maxim Shakirov, guide of the 7 Summits Club from   Greece: more photos of Meteors to all of you from Armen Esaulov,   team Forex Time, as well as his photos from the E4 path on Mount Olympus.   About the route: It's not the easy trekking that requires participants ' constant ...

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The plan to capture the summit of Manaslu is ready, the first group has already moved to camp 1. PHOTO and VIDEO

25/09/2017 20:26

Alexander Abramov, head of the expedition to Manaslu, from the base camp: News of the expedition "Manaslu 2017 – 7 Summits Club".   The secret plan of the ascent is made up. Yesterday Andrei Volkov, Andrey Mareyev and Roman Bryk joined us. They plan to climb Manaslu without oxygen. So, ...

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Photos and videos of the Mountain school in Crimea. Dima and Lena Tomilins on rocks and path

24/09/2017 20:57

Natalia Kartashova, head of the Mountain school in Crimea:   Today Dima and Lena Tomilins visited the Botkin path, rock Stavri-Kaya and Stavri-Kaya cave. Accessible and beautiful for everyone!   See also video and photos from yesterday...   Yesterday   there was a day of ...

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Young climber Sasha (5 years!) with mom climbed Breithorn

24/09/2017 04:16

"Well, we have made the first step into the adult climbing. And though we are only 5 years old, my mother and I climbed to the top of the Breithorn, more than   four thousand meters. And there was a old man who led me on a rope. And even the flag of 7 summits Club was raised!   5-year-old ...

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PHOTOS from the base camp. The team of 7 Summits Club prepares for a summit assault

23/09/2017 21:18

Alexander Abramov, the head of expedition to Manaslu, from the base camp:   Expedition news   of "Manaslu 2017 – 7 Summits Club".   We have endured 2 days of continuous rain in comfortable conditions of the base camp,   with pleasure. We have given training classes in the ...

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The Forex Time group has looked at the Meteora miracles and moves to climb Mount Olympus

23/09/2017 20:23

Maxim Shakirov, the guide of   7 Summits Club from Greece:   A corporate group of the Forex Time company has begun the travel across Greece. Who gets up early and walks in the monastery Grandee Meteora, that be in turn is not necessary!!! About 300 meters of ascent and tremendous views! ...

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Expedition to Manaslu in Artem Rostovtsev's video topics

22/09/2017 22:21

Our team under the leadership of Alex Abramov has gone down to the base camp after acclimatization exit to the camp 2 on 6300. Here they should wait the bad weather period, and then to decide what to do next. For now you watch video of two previous days …          

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The team of the 7 Summits Club is down to the base camp of Manaslu after exit on 6300. PHOTOS and VIDEO

20/09/2017 19:52

Alexander Abramov, the head of expedition to Manaslu, from the base camp:   Expedition news "Manaslu 2017 – 7 Summits Club".   In the last 3 days our team finished acclimatization. Knowing that bad weather begins from the evening of 20th of September and in 3 days more than 1 meter ...

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