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Photos from the first acclimatization rotation of our team on Cho-Oyu

17/09/2018 12:00

Lyudmila Korobeshko, head of expedition to Cho-Oyu: We went down below ABC camp on the day of rest to catch the net. And it managed to be done.   So look at the photos, how we climbed to the camp 1 on 6400. Today we rest. Tomorrow we leave for three days in camps 1 6400 m and 2 7100 m. ...

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On the sixth day the team of the 7 Summits Club arrived at the base camp of Shisha Pangma

16/09/2018 17:56

Sergey Larin, the head of the expedition 7 Summits Club on Shisha Pangma:  The sixth day of the expedition  group "Shisha Pangma-2018" arrived at the base camp at an altitude of 5000 meters. From the village of Xegar we got to BC for 3.5 hours, and 17 km moving on a dirt road.  On ...

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Summit! Two groups of the 7 Summits Club today climbed Mount Elbrus

14/09/2018 18:07

Guide of the 7 Summits Club Sergei Avtomonov: Today, September 14, the group "Brunin and the Company" climbed the West summit of Elbrus.  In fact, without Brunin himself, but in good mood! All went down and are happy with the results.  Guide of the 7 Summits Club Victor Ershov: Hello ...

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Summit! Group of the 7 Summits Club waited for good weather and climbed to the top of mount Kazbek!

13/09/2018 07:50

The group of Vladimir Kotlyar and Olga Rumyantseva climbed to the top of this beautiful mountain! We waited for a weather window, until the end did not believe that it will be.  Thank you, Kazbek, for giving us a nice day and let us visit the top!             ...

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The team of the 7 Summits Club "Cho-Oyu-2018" leaving Lhasa, the next stop is Shigatse

07/09/2018 06:48

Greetings from Lhasa, from Lyudmila Korobeshko and team climbing Cho-Oyu!  The third day of our expedition began. Yesterday, as promised, we attended a historic show about the Chinese Princess Wencheng and her arrival in Tibet. Today we leave Lhasa and drive to Shigatse, where we buy ...

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Summit! Group of the 7 Summits Club "Elbrus leopards" climbed Elbrus

06/09/2018 21:59

Viktor Ershov, guide of the 7 Summits Club: Hello from Elbrus! The team "Elbrus leopards" lived up to its name, and today at 10.00 am climbed to the Western summit of Elbrus! The weather was sunny, a bit of clouds and wind on top, but warm enough.  We went down to the shelter National Park and ...

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The team of the 7 Summits Club Cho-Oyu-2018 arrived in Lhasa

05/09/2018 11:51

Lyudmila Korobeshko, head of the expedition, from Lhasa: Group Cho-Oyu-2018 arrived in Lhasa.  The captain of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Abramov decided to conduct our expedition to Lhasa. Next, we will move on our own. Irina Zisman and Dmitry Ghinculov feel fine, a height of 3700 has no ...

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A group of the 7 Summits Club returned from Kamchatka in delight and with the sea of photos

03/09/2018 21:04

“Kamchatka is incomparable! Delight from the nature of Kamchatka! Take pictures of anything-everything is beautiful!” With such emotions returned from the trip Ekaterina Pirozhkova and Eugene Yartsev.  Everything was just fine! There were no questions from the organization either. ...

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Summit! The last summer group of the 7 Summits Club climbed two peaks of Elbrus!

01/09/2018 12:28

Andrey Berezin, the 7 Summits Club guide: Summit! (Summits!!) Group "Lazy lynx, creeping to the goal" climbed the West summit of Elbrus.  And three members of the group climbed also the Eastern summit.  That's how we said goodbye to this summer!             ...

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Summit! Noel Hannah with a group and a guide of the 7 Summits Club climbed Mount Elbrus

29/08/2018 18:16

Sergey Avtomonov, guide of the 7 Summits Club: a group of Noel Hannah climbed the Western  summit of Mount Elbrus.  All participants have reached the top, everyone is happy and everyone wants down!    

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Summit! Alla Mishina with a guide of the 7 Summits Club climbed Matterhorn

28/08/2018 20:57

Alla Mishina: Matterhorn is conquered! This fantastic mountain is MINE! We've been here in the refuge an hour, and I can't  stop drink water and cry at the same time. Just tears pouring down - how tired I am. 13 hours of battle! There is no strength at all. Many climbers turned from the ...

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Three Cups of Tea and Flag of Manchester City: Philip Kolomiets about heights, worth conquering

28/08/2018 20:26

 Philip is 13 years old, he is football fan of “Manchester City” since birth, knows all the players and most legendary “battles”. And this is it for the average story, because Philip conquered Mont Blanc today and his victory he dedicated to the favorite football club ...

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Summit! Group of the 7 Summits Club, a Blitz program, successfully climbed Elbrus

25/08/2018 12:27

Group Blitz "Snow White and six dwarfs" successfully climbed to the top of  Mount Elbrus. We walked in two small groups. The weather was great, everyone is happy - all deserve  awards! Guide Alexander Dorogunov…            

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SUMMIT! Group of the 7 Summits Club under the leadership of Andrey Berezin climbed Mount Elbrus

24/08/2018 18:57

Andrey Berezin, guide of the  7 Summits Club: Today, the group "Vegetable salad with tuna" reached  the Western peak of  Mount Elbrus.  And Alena Gloss climbed  also to the Eastern summit of Elbrus.  So she celebrated her birthday!     Oleg Maximov, project ...

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Summit! The group from Israel climbed Mount Elbrus with a guide of the 7 Summits Club Sergei Larin

24/08/2018 13:55

A group of Israeli climbers successfully climbed to the top of Mount Elbrus. It’s happened 24.08. At 9:00. So by this a guide Sergey Larin completes his work on Elbrus for this season. Ahead - the Himalayas..      

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Photos from a fantastic expedition to Alpamayo by Ivan Pominov

24/08/2018 11:38

Ivan Pominov: Alpamayo 5957. This incredible expedition! Thanks to my friends Oleg Pimenov and Irene Kharazova, 7 Summits Club  and personally Alexander Abramov.     Lyudmila Korobeshko: Why go to Peru? Of course for Alpamayo!!! And these pictures from Ivan Pominov from a very fresh ...

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Summit! A group of the 7 Summits Club from South Africa celebrated the ascent on Elbrus in a unique way!

24/08/2018 07:31

On August 23th, a group of South African climbers (12 people) climbed to the top of Mount Elbrus and cut there a bottle of sherry from 1842. The weather was perfect for climbing, with almost no wind, withd sun, warm and good.  Now the whole group went down to the hotel and resting. Tomorrow ...

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The program "14 eight-thousand" from the 7 Summits Club: this autumn there will be immediately and Cho-Oyu, and Shisha Pangma!

23/08/2018 17:24

 In September, the 7 Summits Club organizes two expeditions to Himalayan eight-thousanders Cho-Oyu and Shisha Pangma!   September 5th the expedition to Cho-Oyu starts under the leadership of our Director, Lyudmila Korobeshko. The group consists of three members and a leader. And on ...

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Summit! Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko climbed Mont Blanc

23/08/2018 15:05

Today, summit of Mont Blanc was conquered by the Hero of Russia, cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko (59 years old). Despite the unstable weather, the group made the ascent from the hut Tete Rousse, breaking, thus, more than 1500 meters vertically. As a rule, climbs are made from a height of 3800 m from ...

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Summit! Group of the 7 summits Club successfully climbed Mount Kazbek

22/08/2018 21:46

A large group of the 7  Summits Club "Devil's dozen" under leadership of Ivan Dusharin climbed  Mount Kazbek!!! Hurray!          

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