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Aconcagua 2016-2017

Sergey Larin from Aconcagua: the team began to acclimatize by the Canada camp

11/01/2017 08:41

Hi, Seven Summits! Take the information from Aconcagua! Today, our team climbed up at the Canada camp, at altitude 5040 meters. Before that, we spent three nights at the Plaza de Mulas, where committed acclimatization walks around the neighborhood. Tomorrow, we will advancing into the camp 2, ...

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The group  of Sergey Larin reached the Plaza de Mulas camp. Everything OK

08/01/2017 12:14

Sergej Larin, 7 Summits Club guide: Today, January 7 at evening we went up to the base camp Plaza de Mulas. The altitude is 4350 meters. All is OK.   Medical examination at the Confluencia is required - put a mark in the Permit.     Dining at the Confluencia       Body ...

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Sergey Larin's team is at the beginning of the route on Aconcagua in Penitentes ...

05/01/2017 05:58

The expedition began. The permits are obtained. The preparatory process was not boring. Lost baggage, cancellation and changes of flights, etc.     Now all the troubles are behind. Just ahead, up the goal! All according to plan. We went to Penitentes ...     We are Penitentes! ...

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Start an expedition of the 7 Summit Club to Aconcagua. Our guide met members in Mendoza

04/01/2017 13:45

January 3th  - the official start of our expedition to Aconcagua. Coming to Argentina on the eve,  the 7 Summits Club guide Sergey Larin met  other members in the solar and green Mendoza. According to the plan today, they must settle all formalities and go to the beginning of the ...

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