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Volgograd (EXPEDITION OF DEVELOPMENT) on Kilimanjaro. PHOTOS from the Machame route, a huge gallery


13/03/2017 22:43

 The group from Volgograd 11 people, including children, climbed to the highest peak of Africa in February 2017. They traveled on a seven-day version of the Machame route. And although it was not easy, the impressions were the most vivid and positive. This is a note of their leader Stanislav Vinnikov.




So our journey began. In a light T-shirt, in the middle of lush greenery



This effect is called "shyness of crowns," when trees, despite the thickness of the forest, do not touch the crowns, forming mysterious drawings on the foliage.



There are even palm trees (or rather, dendrikestones) in the form of a heart. It is immediately evident that Kilimanjaro loves us



Sturm, 5895 m. The new height, 253 m above Elbrus








Conclusions. I am often asked "why?". Why are you going to the mountains?






Continuation of travel around Tanzania, safari, visiting the Maasai.









 Mom - they are in Africa, Mom!


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