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Lyudmila Korobeshko: a dramatic day over the jungle of the country of the Papuans

Mount Carstensz or the Carstensz Pyramid sometimes called Puncak Jaya, is a mountain in the Sudirman Range, the western part of central highlands of Papua province, Indonesia. With altitude 4,884 ... read more »

15/03/2017 14:02

This morning at 6:00 the main team came  to Timika. We quickly overloaded everything into a helicopter. There was a lot of  cargo, so the helicopter must became as easy as possible. When they took off the back door, I felt somehow uncomfortable. When we loaded into the salon, in the center of it we saw a big hole - also the consequences of relief. For 15 minutes, the pilots warmed up the screws. Finally, we took off. After 20 minutes, not far from the landing site, we got into a very dense fog. The altimeter showed 3800. I realized that there were a number of mounts about 5000. It became completely creepy. We sharply gained altitude to 5000. Then the sharp icing of the salon began. We were forced to return. The next attempt is scheduled for tomorrow.







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