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News from the Everest expedition. Sensation: we present a new oxygen acclimation program


26/04/2017 22:18

Alexander Abramov, expedition leader:

Day 10. April 26 (evening).

The expedition 7 summits Club Everest 2017.


Given the experience of last year, AND the EXPERIENCE of a 17-year-Himalayan expeditions of Alexander Abramov and doctor of  expeditions  Sergey Larin, we have developed a plan for "Soft Acclimatization in a short time."

This is a new feature of the 7 Summits Club on Everest. We  will sleep every time at a new altitude the first night with Oxygen. This is very unusual. No one does that. But, we believe that this helps to avoid sick the next morning. And the members of expedition will be more energetic and acclimatization will go more softer. Last year none of climbers who used this feature  did not get sick. I mean in the first days of acclimatization, the most critical.

And now we held classes for oxygen equipment and sleep with oxygen at the Base camp of Mount Everest. The altitude of 5100m.

And we do that when the first night we'll sleep in the Middle of Kemp 5800м and the first night at ABC 6400m.

For this purpose, we purchased enough additional oxygen.

This is a new word in acclimatization and we are ready to listen to criticism. Really don't promise to take it seriously. )))


Here is the list of climbers and trekkers:




 Permit Everest


GREBNEVA Irina (33) Moscow

KOCHANSKI Janusz Mieczyslaw (53) Cracow, POL

TEBIEV Valery (46) Noginsk

AKKAEV Aznaur (44) Nalchik

BRIMAN Daniil (46) St.Peterburg

KRAVT Evgenii (42) Samara

SAVCHENKO Oleg (50) Moscow

STARIKOVSKIY Andrey (52) Plainsboro USA

SIDYAKIN Alexander (39) Moscow



Permit Base camp


GREBNEVA Anastasiia. Moscow

OSIPOVA Olga. Moscow

GUBINA Nadezda Moscow


Guides to Summit


ABRAMOV Alexander (53) Moscow

LARIN Sergei (57) Tver























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