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Alex Abramov on the records of our expedition and future plans


06/05/2017 23:30

Alex Abramov from camp ABC: Day 20. May 6. The expedition of the 7 summits Club Everest-2017.

 By the way, I slept on my 5800 fine, which indicates a good acclimatization. Yesterday to the Middle camp I came in 4:50. Today, from Middle camp to ABC - 5:30. A good time, given that it was snowing, and the strong wind on the path. Weather was not the best. But in the camp ABC it is cozy. At 6400 – cozy, unbelievable! But it's true. Excellent food, heaters in the tents.



Today  there was a joyful event,  Janusz (Kochanski) join us, our Pole. He just went from Mount Denali, that climbed in the "off season" in April. And already he is here. He is now doing the program "SevenSummits" a second time, as the first in Poland. He also currently completing  by Everest the program "Seven summits" for 4 months. This must be a new world record for speed. All his predecessors beginning with Mount Vinson in late January, and finally climbed Everest in May and then go on Denali in June. And Janusz decided to go to Denali before Everest. And he has a chance to finish high-speed version of the "Seven summits" already on May 20-21. Here are our recorsmen. As Lhakpa Sherpa, who  goes to Everest with our team for the eighth time. And may set a new world record among women.


 I'm going to sleep... Tomorrow we will exit to the North Col for the purpose of acclimatization. And on May 9th we have planned a festive evening in the base camp where we would like to invite all 14 expeditions.




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