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Elbrus 2017

Two of our group climbed today to the top of Mount Elbrus

04/08/2017 19:20

Andrey Berezin, guide of the 7 Summits Club on Elbrus: a group called " .net" today climbed the West   summit of Elbrus.     Hello! Here is a guide of 7 Summits Club Vladimir Kotlyar..... Behind me is the Brazilian team of   the 7 Summits Club. We summited   Mount ...

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Two groups of 7 summits Club were training today on the slopes of Elbrus

01/08/2017 21:32

Hello! This is Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of   the 7 summits Club. Today is the second acclimatization and training day for two our international groups on the Elbrus - directly on the slopes of this big mountain. We are working at a height of 4100,   near the refuge of the Eleven, learn ...

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Two new groups are acclimatized on Mount Elbrus

31/07/2017 14:52

Vladimir Kotlyar with a group from Brazil had an acclimatization walk to the waterfall "Girlish braids". And another international group under the leadership of Andrey Berezin climbed the slopes of mount Cheget...                  

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SUMMIT!!! Group "Timon, Pumbaa and friends" climbed the West summit of Elbrus. PHOTOS

28/07/2017 19:24

A Guide of the 7 Summits Club in the Elbrus region Andrey Berezin: Today, a group  "Timon, Pumbaa and friends" and the two friends climbed the Western Peak of Elbrus. Congratulations another international team with this success!        

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A new group has started for acclimatization on the slopes of Elbrus. PHOTOS

24/07/2017 19:11

Guide the 7 summits Club in the Elbrus region Andrey Berezin: Today, a new group called "Timon, Pumbaa and friends" began its program in the Elbrus region. The day we visited the slopes of Cheget...          

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SUMMIT!!! Group "Masha and three bears" coped with the wind and climbed Elbrus

21/07/2017 19:39

Guide of the 7 summits Club in the Elbrus region Andrey Berezin: Today there was a busy day for the group "Masha and bears". In the morning Elbrus showed his temper and wind reached gusts of 50 km / h. Therefore, we applied the method of transportation of the yacht techniques, namely the tacks! ...

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SUMMIT!!! The group of Andrei Berezin climbed Western Peak of Elbrus!

14/07/2017 21:18

A group called "7-I" today climbed the Western  summit of Mount Elbrus... the Weather was good enough, all the participants reached the highest point and happily went down to the hotel. On the way, we remembered that today was Bastille Day, for us, it was held not in vain.       ...

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The record of Yevgeny Zharkov: Mont Blanc and the two peaks of Mount Elbrus in less than a week!

12/07/2017 21:47

So! Yevgeny Zharkov called themselves the "IAMAGROUP". He continued his adventures in Russia. Today Eugene Zharkov climbed both summits of Elbrus. 8 a.m. – Western summit, at 11 am Eastern Summit. The program was quite short, on the third day he made an ascent.   The highest peak of ...

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The group of Vladimir Kotlyar fought with all his might, but the wind not allowed on the top of Elbrus

09/07/2017 10:28

Vladimir Kotlyar, a guide of the 7 summits Club: a group of "Adventures of Italians in Russia" attempted the ascent of Elbrus from the North. We reached 5300, but from-for a strong wind (after second attempt) turned around and went down to the valley. All climbers performed perfectly, all fought! ...

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Summit!!! Two our groups reached the summit of Elbrus at almost the same time, despite the bad weather

07/07/2017 19:02

Two groups of the 7 summits Club made an ascent to the Western summit of mount Elbrus. One of them was led by tour guide Andrey Berezin, the other –  by Alexander Dorozhukov. They met at the top. Weather conditions were extremely difficult, but the more valuable the victory!   ...

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Groups of Andrei Berezin and Alexander Dorozhukov climbed the Pastukhov Rocks on Elbrus for acclimatization

05/07/2017 18:46

Hello! Here is a guide of the 7 Summits Club in the Elbrus region. Andrey Berezin: Today our group made an acclimatization trip to the Pastukhov Rocks. All night there was a thunder and wind. In the morning the wind warmed and slightly died down. Along the way we met a group of Alexander ...

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Two of our groups made training session on the snowy slopes of Elbrus

04/07/2017 16:35

Hello! Here is  a guide of the 7 Summits Club Andrey Berezin. Today our group moved from Terskol to a Refuge at 3900 m. We successfully conducted snow training sessions. Now we are preparing for a well-deserved dinner.  Alexander Dorozhukov, guide 7 Summits Club: The Dakar team 56 made an ...

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Vladimir Kotlyar from the northern slopes of Elbrus

03/07/2017 22:37

The group of the 7 Summits Club called "The Adventures of Italians in Russia" continues its journey through the Northern Region of Elbrus. Today there was the second day of our tour, we made an acclimatization outing to the Glade of stone mushrooms.               ...

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Two new groups began acclimatization in the vicinity of Terskol Village

03/07/2017 20:02

A guide  of the 7 Summit Club in the Elbrus region Andrey Berezin: another new group of the Club 7 Peaks looked around the mountain Cheget as acclimatization, or rather around the cafe Ai ...  Alexander Dorozhukov, guide of the 7 Summits Club: The Dakar 56 group made an acclimatization ...

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Artem Rostovtsev with a group from Israel climbed to the Pastukhov Rocks

30/06/2017 14:24

We worked up an appetite climbing to 4950 metres. Some unusually perfect weather made it easy to climb...        

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Summit! Elbrus at the second attempt. Congratulations to George Kalash!

27/06/2017 07:12

Andrey Berezin, guide of the 7 summits Club in the Elbrus region: Yesterday, Monday, George Kalash at the second attempt achieved his dream. Namely, the summit of Elbrus. The weather was perfect and from the top we enjoyed views of the Caucasus mountain range and its environs.  Previously, ...

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One day in the Elbrus region, the beginning of one program and the completion of another

25/06/2017 15:29

Alexander Dorojukov: Our new team made acclimatization outing to the waterfall Girlish braids. The weather here is good, mood – too.  Andrey Berezin: What we caught, and ate! Final dinner of our international group...                     ...

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Andrey Berezin reports about today records on Elbrus

23/06/2017 15:53

Hello! Today our international group climbed  Mount Elbrus, more precisely one of its summit. Namely, the Elbrus West. There are a few of our records. Namely, two Englishmen descended on skis from the summit. And 70-year-old father with his son climbed to the Western summit. This morning when ...

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Acclimatization hike to the Pastukhov Rocks of the international group of Andrey Berezin

21/06/2017 20:54

Hello! It is a guide of  the 7 summits Club in the Elbrus region Andrey Berezin. Today we did an acclimatization ascent to the Pastukhov Rocks. Weather allowed us to do it. We came back all tanned and happy.          

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The first for this season international team of climbers on Mount Elbrus started to acclimatization

19/06/2017 15:48

Hello! Guide 7 summits Club in the Elbrus region Andrey Berezin reports:  Today, our international team made acclimatization on the slopes of Mount Cheget. The weather decided to test our strength. In the morning there was continuous rain, but it didn't stop us from hiking tour.     ...

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