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SUMMIT! Carstensz Express! It was probably the fastest ascent of the Pyramid Carstensz from Timika

Mount Carstensz or the Carstensz Pyramid sometimes called Puncak Jaya, is a mountain in the Sudirman Range, the western part of central highlands of Papua province, Indonesia. With altitude 4,884 ... read more »

26/10/2017 12:23

Artem Rostovtsev, a guide of  the 7 Summits Club: Hi, 7 summits! This is Artem Rostovtsev from Papua. We are in the base camp under Carstensz. Now exactly 2:20 local time, remember this time! Today the day began in Timika. In the morning we had a breakfast at the hotel, then arrived at the airport. We waited for our departure of the helicopter, waited for a long time... then flew. According to the forecast we knew that today is the last day of good weather ... and we decided to climb to the top immediately ...

Not to stand in the night, not get wet in the rain. The result: at 2:20 we reached the summit and descended. And now we celebrate our success. Everyone is feeling great. The Chinese delegation, which is here, came... congratulated us ....

There was no helicopter today, but tomorrow we hope to fly in Timika. Bye! Artem Rostovtsev







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