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The group of Vladimir Kotlyar spent a night at Nido de Condores. Photos


24/01/2018 19:32

Everyone, good evening! This is Vladimir Kotlyar, Valeriy Myasoedov and the "How to catch a raccoon" group. Raccoon we have not yet caught one, but went up to Nido de Condores. It's height is about five and a half thousand metres above sea level. Here we have a small encampment of three tents, our own, and we live for two people in each tent. Today we will have the first high-altitude overnight stay for acclimatization. Tomorrow we plan the descent back to the base camp. So far, we're doing the classic "climbing saw" acclimatization.

We already ate tight, ate lunch and dinner, very nice. Fed and happy we went to the tents. Outside we have frost and the sunset.  A very beautiful sunset. We say Hello to everyone at Home!

Bye!  Being In touch!








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