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Day of rest at the Plaza de Mulas. Video diary from Vladimir Kotlyar

Cerro Aconcagua (official name) with its 6,962 m is the highest mountain in South (and both) America, and the highest mountain in the Southern and Western Hemisphere. It is located in the Andes ... read more »

10/02/2018 22:28

Hi, 7 Summits Club! We continue our diary of the ascent of Mount Aconcagua. Today is our day of rest and on this occasion we decided to prepare chicken soup by ourself.  We asked to the dining room to the local guys. They allocated us products allocated cooking place.

We rest slowly, we come off. Rest day - we need to recover. I'm gonna go ask how our group is doing. Now I am trying to find them…

 Tomorrow we plan to reach Nido de Condores, a high-rise camp at 5,400.  With overnight already.





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