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Natalia and Igor Smirnovs successfully completed the trekking route in the area of Dhaulagiri by climbing the peak of Dampus


27/04/2018 20:17

Natalia and Igor Smirnovs from Nepal:

Yesterday, April 26, we successfully climbed Dump peak 6015. Here it is also called Tapa Peak. We would not call this  mountain a trekking peak. It was rather hard  with the use of crampons, ropes and harnesses. At some point, we regretted not taking the ice axes. There were even sections of rock climbing at an altitude of 5600-5800. However, we are usually lucky with the route-the rain, the ice, the snow on the waist.

Today in the morning we went down to the village of Marfa at an altitude of 2700.

In General, it was a great trekking with picturesque views of Dhaulagiri and a worthy end of the route-climbing to the Dampus peak!



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