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The 7 Summits Club congratulates our leader, the President, Alexander Abramov! Happy birthday!


16/01/2018 06:51

Preparations for the expedition on Ojos del Salado is such hard work that we wish this indefatigable man a big strength and patience!




When you reached the top, you reached happiness... not there is in front not only  descent and rest - ahead of the new summits. We wish to keep for years this state of happiness! To health allow also easy to change countries and continents! And to return to Moscow full of strength and energy!




Alexander Abramov: I once brought myself to such a formula, however, is now in some doubt: "We go to the mountains not to think about the meaning of life." When going to the mountains, I think: "wow, it's been difficult to gather, there are so many things not done" in the plane, even some things I remember... But you wake up in the morning, look out the window, see the mountains and think: how nice that I'm here, and all that was before the ant running – someone didn't call, someone warned someone of money some have ... Well, nothing, will wait. The mountains are just the place where you were supposed to get...



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