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Greenland. Climbing the highest point of Greenland - Gunnbjornsfjeld (3693m)


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Regions: Greenland
Objects: Gunnbjornsfjeld (3693m)
Activities: Mountaineering
Service: VIP
Program's difficulty: 3, relatively easy ( technical 3 + altitudinal 0 )
Group size: 5-8
Price: 17 720 EUR
Deposit for reservations 3 000 EUR
Full payment 120 days before
No refund if you cancel less than 120 days!

Next month the price will rise.
The price is fixed at the moment of prepayment.
Dates ( Days 11 / Nights 10 )
May 04 - May 14

Trip overview

Moscow - Reykjavik, Iceland- Constable Point, Greenland -Gunnbjørnsfjeld Base camp -Constable Point, Greenland - Reykjavik, Iceland - Moscow

Why go there?

The group will meet in Reykjavik on the expedition start date before taking an internal flight to Isafjørdur in NW Iceland the next morning. We will meet up here with our advance shipment of expedition goods and fly the same day over the ice filled Denmark Straits direct to Gunnbjørnsfjeld base camp in east Greenland. The final part of the flight offers unparalleled views of literally thousands of unclimbed summits stretching as far as the eye can see.An amazing sight as the anticipation and excitement builds in preparation for the glacier landing. Due to the payload restrictions it is only possible to fly with 4 people on one flight and so two flights will be made for a group of 7-8 team members. For a group of 5-6 people the aircraft will fly via Constable Point in east Greenland for re-fuelling.

Base camp will be at the Twin Otter aircraft landing site at the foot of access glacier leading up to the SW ridge of Gunnbjørnsfjeld. Position N68'56 W29'43. Altitude 2180m.

Upon arriving atGunbjørnsfjeld base camp, Day 1 will be spent acclimatizing and going through equipment and safety procedures. A short ski journey will be undertaken to check that everybody's skis and skins are in order. The following day a recce ski ascent will be made to a position halfway up the access glacier, in a natural bowl at 2850m, where a depot of climbing equipment will be made. The group will then ski back down to base camp checking the snow descent conditions and the ski ability of the team. Depending on weather and the fitness and experience of the group it is likely that one rest day will be taken before an attempt will be made on the peak. The depot of equipment will be collected en route to aid easier progress during the first half of the ski ascent. It is likely the team will arrive at the col just below the summit ridge after approximately 6-7 hours. From an altitude of 3400m the team will switch to crampons and roping up for the ascent of the SW ridge. Under normal conditions it should be possible to move together throughout the ascent, with the possible placing of occasional running belays on one steeper section (one or two rope lengths). The whole ascent and return to base camp should take between 11 and 13 hours.

Base camp will then be moved several kilometers to an advance base camp between Dome and Cone. From this location both peaks can be climbed as day ascents before returning to the main base camp. If time and conditions allow, a further ascent will be made of one of the few remaining unclimbed peaks in the area.


Day 1 Fly Russia to Keflavik International airport, Iceland. Coach transfer to Reykjavik (45 minutes). Taxi to guesthouse.
Day 2 Taxi to Reykjavik domestic airport. Fly Reykjavik to Constable Point, Greenland. Twin Otter ski plane charter flight to mountain glacier base camp.
Day 3-12 Mountaineering and ski touring phase.
Day 13 Fly base camp to Constable Point to Reykjavik. Taxi to guesthouse.
Day 14 Sightseeing day in Reykjavik. Overnight at guesthouse.
Day 15 Taxi to coach terminal. Coach transfer to Keflavik International airport. Return flight to Russia.

Price includes

2 nights Reykjavik guesthous accommodation (including breakfasts)
Return schedule flights between Reykjavik,Iceland and Constable Point,Greenlan;
Private Twin Otter charter flights between Constable Point and the Watkins Mountain

Guide form 7 Summits
All airport taxe
ex.Iceland and Greenland
All passenger fee ex.Iceland and Greenland
Watkins Mountains base camp
Expedition permit
Camping stove fue (White Gas / Coleman fuel equivalent)
Free local map of Reykjavi
Hire of 1.6m length pulk sledge (1 per tent pair)
VHF air band radio;

Price does not include

International flight from home country to Keflavik,Iceland
Return coach transfer between Keflavik International airport and "Snorri's" guesthouse in Reykjavik, Iceland (EUR 25);
Sea or air freight of food & equipment from home country to Iceland
Accommodation at Constable Point if required (camping is allowed free of charge
Taxi fares in Iceland
Guide Fees
Other equipment rental (eg. Tents, skis, boots, transceivers, etc)
Accommodation upgrades and single room surcharges
Additional nights accommodation in Iceland or Greenland due to weather or flight delays

Tips guidelines (important information!)

You entrust your life, health, your time and money to the guides. And the guides take this responsibility for you and for the success of the whole trip. They are doing this 24 hours. 10-20 USD per day is expected as the normal amount of tips for the Guides and the staff of the program. If you liked everything about the trip, please don't forget to thank them. You can give the tips directly to the Main Guide and he will distribute it among the staff.

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