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Vladimir Kotlyar

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Vladimir Kotlyar. Born in 1988.

Vladimir went to mountaineering at 2006. He started work as a guide on Mount Elbrus in 2010, has made more than 60 ascents as a guide to Elbrus from the south, north, traverse. As a guide, Kotlyar made climb on Mount Kazbek (from the Ossetian and Georgian), Kilimanjaro (Africa), Island Peak (Nepal), Aconcagua (Argentina).

Object's guide: Elbrus 5 642 m, Aconcagua 6 962 m, Lenin Peak 7 134 m


Vladimir interested also in rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, skin diving, boating, Thai boxing and martial arts, Outdoor photography and video shooting.

Previously, he served in the special squad of the MIA of Russia in the department instructors in mountain training.

"I am mad not only for the mountains, but for the water elements. I went on a fishing trawler in the Pacific Ocean, along the coast of Kamchatka, Chukotka and Alaska. In a rowboat I crossed the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. Kayaking through the Pantanal (the largest swamp in the world, located in Brazil, was more than 500 kilometers through the mazes of wild rivers, lakes and jungle). "



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