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Henrik Olsen

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Region: Denmark

City: låsby

Age: 48

Gender: male


Achieve in projects:

"7 Summits + 2 Poles", 7+1 object
Everest from Tibet, 21/05/2006
Elbrus, 15/07/2002
Kilimanjaro, 09/01/2002
Aconcagua, 18/01/2001
Vinson, 20/12/2004
Carstensz Pyramid, 02/07/2007
Kosciuszko, 27/12/2003
McKinley, 04/06/2004
"7 Volcanoes", 2 objects
Elbrus, 15/07/2002
Kilimanjaro, 09/01/2002


Additional information

Please check out my website to verify my dates for summiting. Here is some info about my 7summits climbs.

kilimanja roroute: Whiskey route / Western Breach Route
kilimanjaro partners: Went there with my Little brother and guide Ebrahim. Very good guide with more than 250 summits on kilimanjaro.
Kilimanjaro remarks: Nice route away from the masses!!
We spend an extra day at 5000meters for aklimatisering, and for an more enjoyable trip. It was my brothers first mountain ever, and we did it with out any porters at all. Carrying all our food, fuel, and tent to the summit.

Elbrus route: Home made from map. Starting from Elbrus city, and going up to the foot of little Elbrus south side. Then traversing below the little Elbrus´ icefall and going to Pastukhov rocks. From there up to the saddle and the summit.
Elbrus partners: We where 5 danish climbers and did it with out guide. We made our own plans and used Pilgrim tours for transport from airport to the mountain base. We spend 7 days on the mountain. One rest day at 4000 meters and one day at Pastukhov rocks with bad weather before summit.
Elbrus remarks: I did summit little Elbrus the same day as Big Elbrus. We left high camp at 03.00 and was all the way down at our hostel at Baksan that afternoon. We were on the summit the 15 of july. (my birthday) Beers was on me :-) After 2 days we went to green vally and climbed Mt. Jantugan.

Aconcagua route: Polish route traverse
Aconcagua partners: Was with a guide company called camp 5. But i did as much guiding as the guide did, and paid to much!!!
Aconcagua remarks: After the climb i said to my self, never go guided again.

Denali route: West buttress Route
Denali partners: Together with 2 other danish guys. No guiding, we did our own planing and climbing. In and out in 12 days.

Vinson route: Base Camp at 7,000' on the west side of the Ellsworth Mountains. valley of the Branscomb Glacier. through the icefall to a broad col between Mt. Vinson and Mt. Shinn.
Vinson partners: Went with Alpine Accents from Usa.
Everything was planned ok, nice guides. Guides was Vern Tejas and Todd Passey.
Vinson remarks: What a place. Will never forget it, just so beautiful.

Everestroute: North side
Everest partners: Went with and Very good set up and good guides.
(and prices!)
Everest remarks: Don´t ever blame guides for people that die on the mountain. One must know the level of risk trying to summit Everest. Suck it up or stay home.

Carstensz partners: Tryed to climb it in December 2003. did not come near the summit because of dick face Canadien Byron Smith.
page 2.
Carstensz remarks: But i will be back and summit it sooner or later.

Kosciuszko route: from Thredbo village and Merritts Nature track, Kosciuszko lookout, lake Cootapatamba, and summit.
Kosciuszko_partners: I went there alone and walked up the summit by my self.
Kosciuszko remarks: Went off the beaten track on my way down and walked by map and compass, just to make it a little more interresting and get away from the masses.

climbing bio: I have done many other climbs and other stuff in the outdoors. See my web site My climbing career started in 1999 and my first mountain was Mt. Poklade 5800 meter in Nepal/Kumbu.

personal bio: I have done many diff things. All from being a factory worker working graveyard shifts, social worker, Event-teambuilder guide, black smith, car painter and now iam a technical school teacher.
Some jobs was just to make money so that i could go out in the mountains and climb again.
When i am out there, i try to live with as little as possible. Just bring the basic.

See you out there!


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