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Dirk Stephan

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Region: Germany

City: Bodnegg

Age: 53

Gender: male


Achieve in projects:

"7 Summits + 2 Poles", 7+1 object
Everest from Tibet, 20/05/2007
Elbrus, 24/07/2001
Kilimanjaro, 03/01/1987
Aconcagua, 25/01/2001
Vinson, 21/01/2002
Carstensz Pyramid, 15/03/2008
Kosciuszko, 05/12/2007
McKinley, 05/07/2003
"7 Volcanoes", 2 objects
Elbrus, 24/07/2001
Kilimanjaro, 03/01/1987


Additional information

You will find all summit pictures on:
Just point with the mouse on the summit and find the picture with the dates.
Elbrus and Kosciuszko were summitted completely solo, for Elbrus there are some danish climbers which I did met, however the email might be lost. For Aconcagua, I summitted Solo, my companion turned around at the canaletta. The expedition was organized by my self. I have plenty of documentation, video, slides. There is no doubt at all about all the seven.

I am climbing since 30 years, starting with age of 12. I was climbing a lot in the Alps, mainly Mont Blanc, before lots in Austria etc.

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