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Expedition "Antarctica. 200 years of discovery" takes off on the Ice continent


01/12/2018 15:21

Lyudmila Korobeshko: we load and fly to Antarctica in an hour. We accompany our friends to a cool, unprecedented expedition.


Expedition "Antarctica. 200 years of discoveries". The first Autonomous (!) automobile TRANS-Antarctic expedition. It is:

- 7 participants;

- 2 all-terrain vehicles on wheels of his own invention (author-Vasily Yelagin);

- 6000 km - the proposed route includes a visit to 5 polar stations (Novolazarevskaya, Pole of Inaccessibility, South Pole, Vostok, Progress);

- 4 tons of fuel ;

- 1.5 months on the way.

And many, many kilometers of film footage about the expedition.





Group of drivers-mechanics:

- Vasily Yelagin;

- Alexey Makarov;

- Vladimir Obikhod.



Movie Crew:

- Valdis Pelsh;.

- Christina Kozlova;. 

- Alexander Kubasov;

- Denis Nehrebecki.



Good luck friends!


The first day we will support their personal presence in Antarctica!







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