6 November 2021, 06:05


 In the spring of 2022, the 7 Summits Club invites you to a new Everest expedition! This time, in addition to the Classic climbing program, we are announcing two new programs! And we invite you to become their first ever participants!

 Blitz Climbing Everest in just 29 days!

April 29 - May 27.

The program and its features

 This is an extremely fast ascent of Mount Everest, in less than 30 days. For such an ascent, it is necessary to have experience of high-altitude ascents. And also to undergo the pharmaceutical and 30-day acclimatization training developed by us in a hypoxic tent.



Trekking to the Everest Base Camp with ascent to the Camp-2 (6400m) via Khumbu Icefall

April 22 - May 8.

The program and its features

 A cool program for those who are planning to climb Mount Everest in the future. And also for those who, for financial or other reasons, "do not pull" participation in a full-fledged expedition. 

To pass the Khumbu Icefall is the dream of any climber, it is the key to reaching the summit of Everest. Try yourself  in a real Himalayan expedition!