19 May, 17:44

Olga Rumyantseva, a team member, Everest summiter:  The morning was unfairly early. At half past six I was woken up by passing yaks, and immediately the morning  wake-up-tea, which I refused as usual. Getting out of a warm sleeping bag into an ice tent was especially disgusting. The consolation was that it had to be done for the last time.

And it also had to be done quickly. Because by seven-thirty in the morning it was necessary to pack all things in bags and prepare for a possible departure.

The first helicopter was expected at eight in the morning. However, looking out of the tent in the morning, we found that the promised bad weather seems to have happened, and the helicopter cannot fly, neither the first nor the second. Everything was shrouded in dense fog.

But a miracle happened, and at nine in the morning, a small yellow helicopter flew to us through a veil of advancing and retreating clouds.

And then, even more miraculously, along the route Base camp - Periche - Lukla - Kathmandu, we teleported to a completely different world.

And already at one o'clock in the afternoon we were sitting in the hotel restaurant.

However, only half of the participants were so lucky. But I hope that the second half will also reach us today.

By the way, part of our team acted even more cunningly. They arrived at the second camp, boarded a helicopter, flew to the base camp. And they were in Kathmandu yesterday, while we were stomping on the Khumbu glacier.