9 August, 05:37

A guide of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Spirin reports from Tanzania:

Hello everyone from Africa!  Today, on the International Mountaineering Day, our program of climbing Kilimanjaro starts. To begin with, we visited two museums.  We spent an unforgettable hour in the snake museum: we saw black, green and other mambas, graceful cobras, beautiful pythons and other dangerous and not very dangerous snakes. As well as crocodiles of different models and turtles, the oldest of which is already a pensioner -75 years old is no joke. After that, we went to a cool museum dedicated to the culture and life of the Masai. It is very informative, especially the initiation of a man into warriors by circumcising his spear.  In the evening, a delicious dinner and congratulations on the mountaineering holiday were waiting for us at the hotel. The guides of the group are two Alexandrs: Abramov and Spirin.