15 August, 11:01

A guide of the 7 Summits Club Alexander Spirin reports from Tanzania:

The morning started at night. A difficult rocky walk, as long as the night itself.  A glowing chain on the slope and pink, predawn, promising something kind, a thin strip anticipating the sunrise.  And we are at Stella point, hugging each other, and then another hour and a half of snuffling to the main peak, a bottle of champagne in honor of the summit and Misha's birthday. And then the descent, long, dusty, tired. And in the evening there was a celebration: climbing and birthday, cake, champagne and the Millennium camp at an altitude of 3700, conversations, stories and great mood. Tired and satisfied, we return home, in parallel we are planning a new travel with the 7 Summits Club!  Guides 2 Alex: Abramov and Spirin.