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21 September 2022, 19:20

Sergey Larin, the head of the expedition to Manaslu reports from Nepal:

News of the project Today, on 21.09, our team went down to the base camp. We were ready to climb. We headed up with this thought and preparation. Our acclimatization was not quite final, but the planned amount of oxygen allowed us to make the ascent. However, the weather has spoken its word!  The ropes fixed by the Nims team to the top became useless under a meter-thick layer of snow. And the assault camp on the 7400 is not installed and equipped. We spent the night at 6800, this is Camp 3. The team does not lose hope, despite the fact that it will most likely have to reschedule tickets. By the way, on the 17th day we found out that our expedition is international. Yuri Lukyanov is a representative of Kazakhstan. It's a rest now. Another confirmation that patience is the main thing in high-altitude mountaineering. By the way, there are also traffic jams on Manaslu.