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since 2005
5 May, 10:35

Valery Myasoedov, the guide of the 7 Summits Club, reports from Tanzania: The fourth day.  Crossing to the Karanga camp and passing the Barranco Wall. The wall looks like a serious obstacle from the outside, but our Tanzanian guides know every pebble on the trail, so climbing the wall did not cause problems. But he created many opportunities for beautiful photos. By the way, in the morning, the main guide Victor introduced us to the entire escort team - guides, kitchen workers, porters, 43 people! There were traditional songs and dances and a lot of emotions. The day turned out just great, the first day without rain, even the poncho was not taken out. We came to Karanga for lunch, there was time to relax before dinner and play Perudo. I do not know a single person who would not be captured by the game, our group is no exception. The mountain is already very close, in the morning, when the clouds are below us, it can be seen in the palm of your hand. Today, the climb to the Kosovo assault camp at 4800 m.