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since 2005
11 May, 16:38

The head of the expedition on Makalu Lyudmila Korobeshko reports from Nepal:

Greetings from Nepal from the magical Rivendell from the Makalu Minions team! We have the third (it is the last) day of rest. Yesterday, some of the Minions went for a fabulous walk to the village, where no one had been before - the Portse. It is located on the opposite bank of the river. To get into it, you need to climb to the Tengboche monastery, then descend 300 meters, cross the river and climb 300m again. There are practically no tourists in the village (it is far from all routes). But there are many mountain tours in the vicinity, musk deer, ulars, eagles are found here.

 In the evening, Alla Mishina from the Everest Masala Team group gave us a surprise - a festive dinner at home style: fried potatoes with onions, baked chicken with garlic, sauerkraut ... we were shocked ... pleasant.

Closer to night, we received news from Makalu base camp that Kristin Harila had arrived there. Now the fixing route will definitely  fast!

In the morning, I solemnly signed my new books with all the participants of our exp. (the first 10 copies were delivered to me from Moscow - thanks to Kristina for bringing them to Nepal).

Our participant Marina Gevorgyan was escorted to Kathmandu today. Her program "Touching the Makalu" has ended. But she promised to continue to pray for us. 

At lunch, we walked to the stupa above Tengboche and ran down to the soup that Alla had prepared. In the evening, she promises some kind of surprise for dinner ... tomorrow morning on May 12, we fly to BC Makalu. Most likely, this will be the plan.

 May 13 - preparation at the base camp (BC)

May 14 - move immediately to Camp 2

May 15 - climb to C3

May 16 - climb to C4

May 17 - summit and descent to C2

May 18 - descent to BC.