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26 July, 17:59

Alexander Abramov, the head of the expedition on K2, reports from Pakistan, from Camp-3:

At 18:00, the first team left the third camp to storm the summit. Right in front of them is a team of Sherpas hanging ropes. There is a lot of snow. The Sherpas failed to set up Camp 4 due to bad weather. The season on K2 is very difficult. Weekly snowfalls. Short windows of good weather. Now the weather is average lousy. It's snowing at Camp 3. Although all the surrounding peaks are open. We pray for the friends. Good luck today!

The second team is planning an assault tomorrow evening.




Today, the third group of our expedition went up from Camp-2 to Camp-3. In the photo, overcoming the Black Pyramid




Photo from RD Studio. The weather is good below, all the mountains are open, except K2