20 December 2015, 07:28

Hello! This is Alexander Abramov from Antarctica. All our day was held in preparation for the flight to an Mount Vinson. But this did not happen, the weather turned bad. Now we are still sitting on the base of Union Glacier ... The weather will give us finally a chance to sleep. We almost do not sleep three days, always moving somewhere. Today we went 15 kilometers from the base of the Union Glacier. There we ran the drone and did some shooting. We also played miniature golf. Maybe this was the first blow with a stick in Antarctica. Although I doubt it.

Well, in general, the team has a cheerful mood. And if tomorrow we will not be able to fly to Vinson Massif, the day after tomorrow there is a plan to fly to the South Pole. It will take approximately one day. The weather at the base camp is not bad. But the weather in the mountains and around - bad. There is poor visibility ... around. As a result, our plans are not clear.