30 December 2015, 22:43

Hello! This is Alexander Abramov from Antarctica. Yesterday, a new group arrived: Roman, Michail, Cyril and our Polish friend Janusz. Now our friendly company of five plans how to climb Vinson Massif. As you know from previous reports, the weather this year is mostly bad. Now we have at Vinson Massif again delayed flights. Those groups that descended from the Summit of Mount Vinson are sitting in the base camp, waiting for departure at Union Glacier. Ilyushin flew away, which was 29th. All teams who want to climb the Vinson Massif had come with it, stay and wait for the flight to the base camp.

Here we have such situation. In principle, the situation is good, because we still have time enough to climb ... So, all good-bye! And until we meet again in the air!

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