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8 February 2017, 06:29


Sergey Larin, a guide of the 7 Summis Club:  

The climb was difficult. We were waiting for weather for four days. Then the one-day window has appeared, but it was necessary to begin (the first two days) in difficult weather conditions. In the first day porters refused to start. But as a result, I think, they were satisfied that they managed to reach Nido de Condores. It is good that we have put up earlier a big stationary tent – it has helped out us, because in this place to put tents on such weather is problematic. In day of summit bid some teams turned back, some refused. But the team named “Good, Bad and Angry” has shown an excellent spirit and strength of mind that has allowed to achieve result. Now we already are sitting and we waiting for a helicopter on Plaza de Mulas.