8 March 2017, 12:08

The 7 Summits Club expresses its gratitude to Mr. Khodak for his trust to us, which was reflected in the fact that he wrote a short, but very business-like report about the trip on the program "Climb of Mount Kenya , 4 days Safari and relaxing on the Indian ocean"! Wish new heights and look forward to seeing in our ranks!


"Successful trip to Kenya with climbing to Mount Kenya, a variety of game drives and relaxing on the Indian ocean coast me and my girls (wife and daughter 13 years old) came to the liking.


By itself, the rest in Equatorial Kenya interesting due to the gentle climate, combined with strange natural landscape and rich animal fauna.

On mount Kenya we hiked the entire group, including two children. Guides on the mountain was warm-hearted, attentive, unobtrusive. That's a plus.


Hotels in Nairobi and on Safari travelers. That's a plus.


Safari various, including, water on the lake, valosaari and Safari at dawn. That's a plus.

Failed to see the leopard. It's a little minus. I did see a Cheetah. This is a big plus.

Tour guide in Nairobi spent too short a tour of the capital. It's a minus.


I do not exclude that in Nairobi there is nothing, as it consists mainly of slums and banal high-rise buildings. We looked at the fences of the presidential residence and the Russian Embassy, saw the Parliament building and the Supreme court. The tour is over. Then we had a good time at the restaurant "Carnivor". This is a big plus.


The guide was corrected on Safari. He independently sought out the animals, drove them back to back, not afraid to pull off the well-worn trails. Well done. That's a plus. Suggest to hire a guide for clients "7 summits" in the future. Customers will not regret.


The Indian ocean is amazing by definition. There is nothing to say. Local merchants are slowly already starting to talk in Russian.


All the little "inconsistencies" and travel problems completely blocked the total pleasure of traveling.



We liked the trip."