21 April 2017, 22:03

Alex Abramov:  Day 5. Today is a chic day. It is evident how our team of 13 people rallies on our eyes.

Today we left Kathmandu and in 1 hour had already landed in Lhasa. Lhasa simply shocks by the speed of its development.

For the 10th year I arrive here and do not recognize it every time.

 Now we stay in a great hotel, we visited an excellent restaurant. Then we took a walk through the historic center around the Jokhang temple. Seen the stretching Buddhists. Every members likes Lhasa. We did the right thing, that we are not going early. In the city  it is very warm and even hot.

 Our Sherpas team is already 7 days in the Base Camp. They have already set up the Base Camp and the Middle-Camp. Therefore, as soon as we arrive, we will begin the process of our "Soft-but-fast acclimatization". When by a certain plan, for some nights we will sleep with oxygen: one night at the Base Camp, Middle Camp and the Advanced Base Camp.

 In the meantime, we enjoy Tibet!