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All-all people need to visit Lake of Baikal! Review of the winter journey


06/03/2018 17:32

We got a review of the trip to Baikal from Mary Minaeva.

I would like to express my gratitude for the organized trip. It is indeed deservedly included in the list of the best tour on the planet. Your partners from Irkutsk also deserve all praise. We were the first group this year and all the roughness of the "pioneers" were imperceptibly smoothed for us.

 It is very difficult to convey all the emotions and impressions received during the trip, it is necessary to see with your own eyes.

Amazing, unforgettable, gorgeous, charming, impressive, divine, multifaceted, fabulous, soulful... this is only a small fraction of those epithets that should characterize this miracle. I hope that the photos will at least bring a little closer to those fantastic realities and take your breath away.

 Sincere gratitude and recommendations to all, all, all: at least once in my life to visit Lake Baikal.


























































Байка́л (бур. Байгал далай) — озеро тектонического происхождения в южной части Восточной Сибири, самое глубокое озеро на планете, крупнейший природный резервуар пресной воды. read more »

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