27 March 2018, 04:23

Lyudmila Korobeshko, group guide, Director of the 7 Summits Club:

 Hello from Bolivia from the Lake of Titicaca! We've been traveling Bolivia for three days. Today we made an easy trekking through the Sun island in the heart of lake Titicaca. In the morning we left La Paz. Already on the shore of the lake we visited the place where the legendary vessel of Thor Heyerdahl - RA 2, which overcame the Atlantic, was built from reeds.

 Then we get to the religious center of Bolivia's town of Copacabana, from where the boat sailed to the island of the Sun. Beautiful picnic in nature, visiting the ruins of the residence of the rulers of the Incas, hike to 4000.  We got to our home near the village of Yumani only a sunset. Sunset itself we met at the highest point of the Sun island - Yuman Mirador 4100.

Tomorrow we will visit the Moon island, the floating Islands of Uros, made of reed, and by the evening we should be in a base camp at the foot of Mount Huayna Potosi at 4800.