13 December 2021, 05:12

Alexander Abramov, President of the 7 Summits Club: I am writing today, because the last 3 days have not been easy for us. In the area of the Vinson Massif and on the Antarctic Horn, bad weather has played out in earnest. It piled up to 1 m of snow.

Our Automobile expedition decided to complete the reconnaissance. Many conclusions have been made, equipment has been tested, and adjustments have been made to our subsequent crossing of Antarctica. Good luck to everyone in life and new adventures! We flew home on a private plane.

It also happens....

The team on the Vinson Massif attempted an ascent. But they went down because of the strong wind and snow from the High camp to the Low camp. They will be waiting for a new opportunity to climb the mountain. Now the members of the team are digging in tents and preparing for the approaching 2-day storm.